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HCG rising slowly from 38-50 - a&e to check for ectopic pregnancy


I’m absolutely lost for words and can’t understand what is going on. I am pregnant as of last Sunday and received 2 blood tests this week to check BCHG and they have been on low side first reading 38 and yesterday 50. Clinic called me and told me I need to go to early pregnancy unit to rule out ectopic pregnancy or establish whether it’s a viable pregnancy.

I sat at a&e for 6 hours - they ran pregnancy test which was positive and number of bloods. I’m back to EPU this morning for scan.

Anyone else experienced this and still had a successful pregnancy?

Thanks all xxx

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Hello, I haven’t experienced it but just wanted to say I’m thinking of you, what a continued rollercoaster for you. Sending you love and good wishes. Hope your ok as you can be x

Elle32inz in reply to amandac84

Thank you very much xx

Thinking of you ❤️ and sending lots of love and good wishes to 🙏🥰🥰 xxx

When I went to a&e to rule out an ectopic, it was because I had left side pain, together with shoulder tip pain on the same side. It wasn’t ectopic. Your hcg levels are raising slower than average but sometimes it means nothing! I hope it will be all ok for you! I’m close to you during this time of uncertainty and worry, if you need you can message me x


Hey Elle! I’m sorry to read you’re having such a difficult time hun 💋💋💋💋💋How are you feeling? I hope that this morning’s scan can give you some peace of mind ❤️Sending you lots of luck 🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀

I'm sorry that you havent had better news!! I cant help really but at least you are being checked over and will hopefully find out more info today! Sending love and hugs.xxx

Oh gosh. How stressful. I'm glad they're seeing you and checking these things out. Hoping hoping hoping for you it's not an ectopic pregnancy, and that today goes well. Thinking of you. x

Flip, 😱 stressful times pet . Thinking of you and sending hugs 🤗

At least for now the number is going up - and everyone is different. Please God the next blood HCG will give you more of an idea whats going on. I had an ectopic a long time ago and it comes with a lot of pain so hopefully you're not falling into that bracket. There's every chance you could be fine - keep the faith and I hope you get some positive news soon and the little one keeps going well xxx

Sweetie I just wanna send my love and good wishes. I hope everything is ok. Lots of love xxxxx

So sorry you are going through such a stressful time. Sending love and hoping for good news ❤️ Xx


My hcg started off at 41 which was low. It doubled but not as they should’ve. I now have twin daughters who are 2. Hcg numbers vary from pregnancy to pregnancy : wishing you all the very best xx

Thank you so much x mine were 38 on Tuesday and 50 on Thursday and I’m back to early pregnancy unit today for another blood test. They have called it Unknown location of pregnancy so I am rather anxious but got to keep the faith and hope xxxx

Best of luck. Thinking of you ❤

Cmc2020 in reply to Elle32inz

Hiya hope your ok I had this happen to me only my numbers where a bit higher but they where very slow rising , I got the news of unknown location pregnancy but because my numbers were like 1400 or something they told me to wait another couple of weeks I wish I hadn’t because it was an ectopic so you have to be very careful I lost my right tube and almost died with internal bleeding if ur numbers continue to rise slowly you can have an injection to dissolve the pregnancy I had that and it didn’t work and my tube ruptured because it was left too long ! I warn everyone when they say it’s a pregnancy of unknown location! I know it’s not what u want to here just now but don’t want the same to happen to u if it is that really hope your ok 💕

This has made me slightly more positive so thank you. I haven’t had bloods done as my clinic doesn’t do them but had a ‘hardly there’ positive line at 10dp5dt and then a darker one but still faint on 13dp5dt. I am testing again on Tuesday which will be 17dp5dt and am hoping for a darker result. I feel like I should have just used a digital one but I’ve heard they are less sensitive x

Your welcome hope all goes okay xx

I'm thinking of you too. Stay strong, we're all here for you xx

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