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Feeling low

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Hi all

Just wanting some advice really on how to pick yourself back up after a miscarriage.

I had the medical management on 3rd Jan and thought it was all over with then last Sunday it actually all happened then.

I've finally stopped bleeding after two and a half weeks but just feel so crappy. I think after having to think about all the ivf stuff for a few months and now nothing it's just hitting me now what we've been through.

It doesn't help yet another girl at work is pregnant so that's six girls is a year and a half so it's practically just me left now πŸ˜”. I'm dreading going to work everyday especially when I work with a hypochondriac and doesn't seem bothered about me at all.

Also really dreading our next cycle as Im scared of getting a BfN or a BFP.

Feeling like an emotional wreck at the moment and so fed up of crying!! Xx

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O my lovely thats is very sad . I just have no words to describe what ur going through right now. Im so vrry sorry for ur pain. But theres still chance to have hppiness plz dont give up. Ihave my side of family most have kids and my hubby side of family also all have kids.just us left. But im not giving up untell my last breath.Thinking of you my lovely.stay well stay strong. Millions of hugs for u and lots of prayers your way.xxx

Thank you xx

The feeling is horrible and you think things can't get any better. I've been feeling really low and so has my partner, we have had agood chat and things are starting to improve. Just take one day at a time and hopefully things will get better xxx

Hi Hun. Sorry to read you are feeling down. I continued to struggle with our bfn and with stuff at work so started seeing a counsellor. Definitely recommend. Message me if you want xxx

Just take one day at a time. Some days will be good and you'll think 'great, I didn't cry today' and other times you'll have a bad day. Just accept that you need the time to grieve. So many women on here have had miscarriages and then gone on to have successful pregnancies.

Start your next cycle when you feel ready to deal with it.


I'm really sorry .I went through a failed cycle in December .getting up to go to work was dreadful .but I took every day as it came .it really does get better with time though it is a painful process.every now and then I get emotional and cry but I'm much much Better now .

Hi Hun, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. As others have said all you can do is take one day at a time, work can be very stressful. I struggled after my failed IVF and found it very hard to deal with every day things, and I totally feel your pain when all you hear or see is pregnancies or babies.

But we must have hope, our day will come. Big hugs xxxxxx

Oh I'm so sorry to read this, it's such a hard time. You are bound to feel like an emotional wreck, it feels never ending when you're going through it and then when everything stops it's like the grieving process starts again. I was the same as you, took the meds on Tuesday then Thursday, went back to work on the Friday and it didn't actually happen until the Saturday. It's an extra kick when you're trying to hold it all together.

The most important thing at this time is to look after yourself. Take as much time as you need and be kind to yourself. Don't think you're dealing with it wrong or that you're too emotional because there's no set way to deal with this. It just has to be in your own time.

One thing I would say is that back in July the thought of another cycle was unbearable. I would try to be positive but inside I was screaming telling myself it wouldn't work. Well I can honestly say that I am excited about this current cycle and looking forward to EC/ET again and there's noone more surprised than me about that.

I think about our baby every day. There's no escape from it but it's the love that we felt during our pregnancy that we are carrying forward into our next and I am confident that, in the end, everything will be ok. I hope that these words offer some comfort. I'm sending so much love to you. If you would ever like to talk feel free to drop me a message anytime x x x

Thank you xx

It's so draining and we have to get all our cycles done within the year and I possibly can have 4 goes so it's quite full on really! Just need to get some positivity back.

We have our consultant appt tomorrow since it all happened so maybe I might feel a bit better after that I kinda just want to get on with it but also am dreading it xx

It's not been any time at all since it all happened, just make sure you are feeling ready before you start your next cycle. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow x x x

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