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Weird feeling after FET

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Looking for some advice. This is my third egg transfer. I am 4dp5dt. Since egg transfer, I have been horribly bloated and very queasy. This is getting worse.

I know that I am supposed to be able to go about doing normal activities but I am feeling too tired to walk more than 20 minutes (I am quite a fit person otherwise).

I never felt like this on previous tries. It's far too early for any symptoms and, in any case, I take HCG trigger shots pre and post transfer. I am worried about it though...

Should I be?

My clinic is overseas and this is donor egg FET so the medication is reduced for me.

Is it something I should report to the clinic?



6 Replies
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I would call your clinic, I am not sure you should feel that off. Really hope you feel better soon x

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I agree with Daisy that you should call the clinic as you shouldn't be that uncomfortable. Hopefully you will feel better soon xx

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You may be feeling a little rough from the trigger shots or a random winter bug but seeing as you've done this before I would personally check in with the clinic and see what they say! Good luck.xx

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I am sure there is nothing serious to worry about. Just drink lots of water. It is important in such a scenario to bed rest as well. Apart from that give your clinic a call. It is important to inform them about the situation. This is because the doctors would really know what's going on. I hope everything is okay. Good luck to you.

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Thanks! Wasn't sure whether I was being a hypochondriac... Have contacted the clinic and now in bed watching yet another movie....

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Daisy1245 in reply to ac79

Hope you are feeling better! x

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