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1st Appointment with Fertility doctor


Hey everyone!

Me and my fiancé finally had our first appointment today with a fertility doctor, who was so lovely and professional. We are finally being taken seriously after a long wait of being fobbed off. We are being sent for the correct tests etc before a treatment plan is made, although there is still such a long way to go I am so happy we are heading in the right direction!!

I have been put forward for a HSG test, I know what it is, but I’ve read some horrible stories online of it being very painful, any ladies had one and can give me some advice or tips?

Thank you xx

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Hey, I think by the sounds of it it can be different for everyone. I’m not going to lie I found it painful.... BUT it was for 2-3 mins Max if that and it’s worth it so you can go forward with your journey. Just take some painkillers an hour before 👍🏻😉 you will be fine.

Hi Chloe, I was really nervous too but it's all over so quickly that you wonder what you were nervous about! For me it felt like a sharp cramping period pain, I felt totally fine afterwards. Take ibuprofen and paracetamol before and after to help.

It's uncomfortable but just take steady breaths. You will feel a sudden pain in your lower back like period pain as they push the dye through your tubes. It is over really fast and the ladies who did mine were lovely and distracted me with the screen so I could see what was going on. You might bleed a little afterwards. I'd taken some paracetamol too. Good luck x

CC2018 in reply to CC2018

I also kept reminding myself it was worth it for a baby x

Hi hun.

Good luck with the tests so glad your finally, being taken seriously.

Can't advice on hsg everything they did with me was whilst I was under GA having a lap.

Keep us updated lovely 😘💝

Hey! How are things going with you. I haven’t been on in a while.

Thank you I will keep you updated xx

Not bad lovely. Just constant check ups and tests.

Looking forward to your updates 😘💖

Good luck! I know how long the wait is and it’s such a relief when things start moving. The hsg honestly wasn’t pleasant at all. I found it painful if I’m honest but just grit your teeth because us women are strong and we can do this!

I start my first round of ivf in a couple weeks 🤞 been trying for around 2 years xx

Had mine the week before last. It was very painful but this was because they found a polyp in the way. I had two days off work after.

Thank you Ladies for your replies. It’s reassuring to know I can talk to people who have been through the same. I have rang this morning to book my appointment and I have it next Thursday. My fertility doctor gave me a pack of 4 antibiotics that I have to take an hour before, but I forgot to ask if I can take paracetamol with these. Did any of you ladies have to take antibiotics too. I’m just going to relax and not think too much about it as mentioned everyone is different and it will be worth it xxx

kirstyblue in reply to ChloeL934

I took paracetamol half hour before. I wasn’t given antibiotics before..I was given some after just to make sure I didn’t get any infection (was all fine after). It did bring on a period for me though days later xx


Hiya I had one a few months back and it didn't hurt at all, I and heard plenty of bad stories so I took co codemol about 30 mins beofee, had a bit of spotting after too but nothing major, don't worry about it too much xxx


Hsg was fine for me - painful for a few seconds only. 😀 Think you can take painkillers beforehand to numb the pain.

Good Luck with everything!


Hi, I found the test to be fine up until they say ‘you’re going to feel a slight pinch’ then it really hurt but it was over by the time I screamed! So nothing to worry about. I took paracetamols before hand and it didn’t stop the stabbing pain but it is over so quickly that you don’t need to be worried :-) xxxx

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