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1st fertility hospital appointment

Hi all, I'm new to posting and this site so please bear with me.

My hubbie and I have our 1st appointment with the consultant tomorrow after a GP referral. We have had lots of investigations done by the gp and another hospital (we were sent to the wrong NHS trust for our area). Does anyone have any suggestions of the things we might need to ask? Or what they do at this first appointment? I'm hoping it's all "yep you qualify let's book you a date to start" (yes a daydreamer I know!)

I have do loads of reading (as you can imagine) and I have all tests results so we are kind of all set! -I think

Thanks in advance and best of luck to all who are trying xx

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sounds like you will just be filling out the paperwork for funding they talk through what treatment you need and discuss your results. You should be soon set to go!! i think it was only a couple of months - if that that we started treatment after the first appointment xx


Hi blondyboo, thanks for your reply- hope it will be that simple (fingers crossed!)

We are at the homerton who said it usually takes about 6 month before treatment !!! (I almost cried at that point )

We were thinking of going private if the wait was too long, I'm 37 so not a spring chicken in the IVF world sadly



i know the feeling just turned 39 :( We are going abroad as the wait for our last go on NHS for donor eggs is too long (been a years wait so far!) We are going to Cyprus end of month it's a lot cheaper and higher success rates xx


Hi GreenApples

We've just been through our first IVF cycle in Shrewsbury. From what I can recall, although we had both had numerous bloods, and scans done by our GP, and at our local hospital, the fertility unit basically wanted them all repeating (I guess they didn't trust the results?); this all added on about 6 months.

It was only after having repeated everything (except the hysterosalpingogram) that we were called back and officially added to the waiting list (which for us was 12-months, as we live in wales)....I understand the time is shorter in England.

The waiting is awful, and there were many times that I wanted us to go private, but my DH wanted to wait.... so starting out at the age of 35 at the point we approached our GP, to treatment...I am no 38.

I'm sure they'll go through the whole process with you at your appointment, and if I were you I would press them for timescales...at least then you can try to put it at the back of your mind and fill your time with other things (we got married...stressful in itself but took my mind of things!).

Good luck with everything


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Thank you for your reply Rainbow bright. I though that might be the case 😞 I'm terrible at waiting but I suppose I've waited this long. Good luck to you xxx


Hi GreenApples my partner and I are in a similar position, had tests done at one clinic (3 month wait) but needed to get referred for ICSI, 6 month wait for 1st app, then they needed us to redo all the tests and paperwork (just in case they lost any in transfer they said) so bloods/semen/genetics put on another 4 months, we will start treatment in January 😃🎉 I found the zita west books helpful and the realisation that I do not need to put everything on hold as it is completely out of your control the timeframes of starting treatment. (I have to plan every little detail so this was a major hurdle) Once I realised this I felt a lot more relaxed about the journey and I am using the time to look after my body & chill out more. Hope everything goes well tomorrow xx

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Hi lucky 17,

I'll have a look at the zita west books. I had a quick glimpse but there is so much out there. I was just reading my post and realised I put tomorrow when the appointment is Monday coming (I have it etched firmly in my mind!)

I am trying the chill method as I'm currently on a beach trying not to think of it all..... Not going so well!

Good luck to you, I wish you January comes quickly and with abundant success xx


Hi green apples, I have an appointment today with the sub fertility specialist and hopefully I will get all my results and get told what will happen next, but in my first appointment with him at end of July he said we will hopefully should be starting November time or maybe October, I'm guessing everywhere is different x


Diane the nurse on here has a good list of questions that you can take along to your consultant if you message her! Good luck!x


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