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So......we got our first appointment which is great as it finally feels like something is happening. Although, I must admit it was quite overwhelmingly all the information. My next stage is to wait for my bloods to come back to let me know if it's long protocol or short.....but not sure the difference - can anyone help? Also, my next step is to call when I have my period so that they can do a dummy test but I take it I don't start any drugs till the blood work is back? I felt like I took it all in at the time but with all the info iv managed to confuse myself. We are lucky to start a little earlier at Edinburgh is anyone else starting at the moment? Xx

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  • hiya. no you cant start the drugs until all the blood tests are back which wont take long. once all the tests are back it will fly.

  • Know what you're saying, it can get confusing. Long or short protocol is to do with how long you'll be on spray and when you'll start injections. Honestly I would try not to worry about it as the consultant makes that decision and you just follow their instruction once you know what to do and when to start. The confusion goes away at that point as you just concentrate on getting your meds right. Good luck on your journey.

  • Hi Berina21 I start my treatment tomorrow :) on the long protocol. Your right there is so much information to take in its overwhelming at times. I had to have bloods took in between day 1 and 4 of my period I think this was to help determine what dose of medication to put me on. I had my first consultation appointment on the 18th of December and it's flown over, which could have been with having Christmas to distract me. I purchased Zita west's guide to fertility and assisted conception which has been really helpful and informative so I now feel I understand things a lot more. Hope this helps. Good luck with everything xx

  • Good luck on your treatment x

  • Thank you xx

  • Thanks for all your help folks x

  • I found it a bit overwhelming when the consultant went through the treatment. As part of the process we had a planning meeting with the nurse and she gave us a timeline of the treatment, when and which meds to take, scan dates and proposed EC. It was useful so ask if they do this at your clinic. We could also ask questions and practised mixing up the meds and injecting.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you! Yes il definitely ask next time I'm back thanks for the tip! I think it's because we are all thinking so many thoughts and trying to get everything right that my head has gone scatty haha xx

  • I agree, we had our consultation on the 9th of Jan, at the time I thought I had taken it in, but by the time we got home and started talking about it I realised I hadn't at all! Our pack (from the hospital) had most of the answers in it though which really helped! We were lucky as all our bloods were collected before our consultation, but I had to do the same and wait for the first day of my period which was last Monday, so now all our dates are confirmed for starting the drugs etc, which will be the 8th of Feb! Very exciting!

    I hope your bloods come back soon and you can get all you dates confirmed, I think that's when it feels really real!

    Good luck!!!

    Emma xx

  • Thanks Emma! Yeah just looking forward to getting dates and getting started on the journey I think it's the waiting that makes everything feel a little more anxious etc! Good luck - won't be long now xx

  • Hi.

    Things will fly by, trust me!

    Long protocol involves down regulating which puts your body at a controlled baseline ready to start your stimulating drugs (nasal spray for down regulation is started on day 21 of your cycle)

    If you have PCOS you are likely to have a short protocol to reduce the risk of over stimulation (this is what I did) and you skip the nasal spray/down regulation and go straight into injections on day 2 of your cycle.

    Neither way is a quicker solution, and my clinic hates that they call them 'long' and 'short' because they take around the same length of time. I injected for 3 weeks on a short protocol.

    Hopefully that gives you a bit more info. And good luck! Xx

  • Thank you it's all becoming clearer now x

  • Hi Berina21.

    I am also waiting for my genetic bloods to come back. Had them taken on 12th and due to go bk on 20th Feb, feels like such a long wait. But I'm egg sharing so it's a long process anyway and will have to wait again to get matched up to a didonar afterwards. It is a lot of info and you won't take any of the drugs until you actually start the treatment. i just take every appointment as it comes. They will make sure you have all the info you need at each stage. It's a stressful enough process anyway without stressing out about knowing every bit of info. Good luck. Will be thinking of you :-) xxx

  • Hi Berina21,

    I had my 1st appointment on 10th Dec. Now my Blood tests and HSG results are back. My second appointment with consultant is 28th Jan so keeping my fingers crossed :-)

    Feels like ball is rolling. Good luck to you xxx

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