Hello ladies, I was wondering if anyone here have been in a similar situation, we were agreed IVF treatment on the NHS, but my dr has now decided she wants to do IUI, which is now causing a problem with funding. We will find out more on Thursday as we are seeing the top consultant. Personally I've lost faith in our dr as she seems to be delaying things, and has been useless with communication. I was wondering if I could request to be treated by the consultant, and if I had a say in the treatment? Sorry for the long post!

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  • Hey Hun I was asked to try IUI first. I was allowed 4 treatments on the NHS but after two failed cycles I was told to move on to ivff and I am hoping to start my cycle either this month or next month!

  • Ah fingers crossed for you sweets! How long has it been sinve you started with the IUI? x

  • I had my first session is Feb and may this year! They like to keep a one months gap between treatnebtsm. My first session was with chlmod tablets and the second was with menupor injections. I think it didn't work for me because I have endometriosis. Have you had a dye test done first to check your tubes are open? If yours are blocked IUI wouldn'tt really workk and ivf is better x

  • No, I'm a bit of a problem case! They can't do internal examinations, so the doc has said she will do IUI under sedation, but I don't get why they can't do IVF like that!! I'm not sure if they will do the dye test, hopefully my consultant will be more forthcoming!!! Xx

  • Oh really! IUI doesn't hurtt. It's just uncomfortable but it lasts like not even 10 minutes when they do the transfer it's over with so quickly! Good luck x

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