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Is anyone familiar with the costs of a full ICSI cycle?

We are currently with Guys and have had a failed FET from our funded cycle. Thankfully we have a second FET which we are currently getting ourselves ready for. But it means that if it doesnt work we need to pay for a full ICSI cycle. I am guessing they cost around £6-£8K? Have costs come down at all? Is there any such thing of getting government loans for treatment> we dont have that money upfront so will be getting a loan to pay for it. Just would like try and prepare/save and plan for the costs implications as much as possible and when we would realistically need to pay? Any help on costs/funding would be great. Thank you.

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Hi, clinics generally have their price lists on their websites, but in my experience IVF is about £4-5k, with an extra £1,000 for the ICSI.

Some clinics have systems in place to help spred the payments, but I think they want the money around the start of your cycle. You might be able to pay for your drugs separately (earlier), than can be up to £1,000 too.

Expensive for sure. If only people realised what we go through emotionally, physically and financially.

Good uch with your FET.


Hi Flowergirl, thanks so much for your quick reply. That is what I was expecting. Let's hope there's a day where the costs come down or the NHS increases funding. My GP said to me how ICSI in particular is something that hospitals get really good grants for so if anything they encourage it more, whether that is true or not I don't know. Thanks again for your help and kind words :-)


My last icsi cost 7.5k at Nuffiel in Woking. Do you have many frozen for FET? I'm about to go with just 1 frozen 6 day blastocyst. Fingers crossed for us both as icsi is expensive. It does work though, I have a FS with first round!


Meant DS, and Nuffield, sorry on iPhone!


7.5K thats a lot more than I expected! I know it probably depends on all the drugs and whether you need extra tests. Was that for a straight forward ICSI? Is your blastie from that cycle? I really hope it works a second time for you, does sound promising for you. We also have one more try with a 6 day blastie frozen transfer. We can start any time but because I have PCOS I havent had a period for two months, but I think Im sort of putting it off as we weere so devasted when the first FET failed for us - that was a 5 day frozen blastie. Our second one was a day behind devlopment so i dont have as much expectation as I did with the first. What is Nuffield like as a hostpital? When do you start your FET?


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