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FET only 1 x 6 day blastocyst. Any success stories of 1 to thaw?

Hi there.

I'm waiting to do FET with just 1 frozen 6 day blastocyst.

I am just recovering from a icsi miscarriage and worried I can risk more failure so soon. Worry over 1 not surviving, not working and miscarriage.

Can anyone offer advice?

I have had 1 previous fet which failed

2 icsi cycles which have worked, I have 1 gorgeous DS the other was the miscarriage.

Thanks x

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Hi. All I can really say to you, is that with modern freezing techniques, your little blastocyst will have a very good chance of surviving the thawing process. You must try and keep positive thoughts, which I will do too for you. Lots of ladies in a similar situation as yourself, do go on to have successful ongoing pregnancies from their last remaining embryo. Keeping everything crossed. Diane


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