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Has anyone used donor eggs in Spain ? What was you experience with the clinics

I've just been through 2 NHS cycles with no success . Although I am 25 they now believe my eggs are not as good as they should be and suggested either having sperm injected directly into the egg or donor eggs next time round .

I , as many on this web site , would love a baby but need to now worry about paying for this treatment so need to work through the best opportunity to getting pregnant .

The clinic mentioned Spain for anonymous egg donations , due to very short waiting lists etc but has anyone experienced these clinics ? Are they regulated ? Any recommendations ? Also a drug was mentioned to take prior and after implant to improve the egg quality , have you heard of this ?

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Donor eggs arent nearly as bad now as 12 , onths ago, since yhe HFEA inc the fees to 750 there are more donors available especially if you choose a clinic in a larger city..

Try london womens clinic or CARE fertility, they have good donor selection and actively attract young women ...

We're donor donor eggs next week, and its fine... it naybe adds a few weeks to the process but mxny donors have proven fertility and thats what you need to look for

Any questions pls ask


Hi Minty, I'm using a clinic in spain, there are lots of things that you need to consider when moving towards egg donation. The biggest issue for me is around what you want to know about the donor and when, this is a main difference between the UK and Spain, but other countries have other options. In the UK, a child born through gamete donation has the right to find out about the donor at the age of 18. In Spain, it is completely anonymous. If you knew someone who was willing to donote in the UK, then that is another option. You may want to check out other countries too.

I ended up with Spain following a long appointment at my clinic to find out why they are connected with a specific clinic in Spain - as in the UK, the clinics vary in their approaches. We found that the clinic the were paired with had the beliefs that we did, as well as good results, so have gone forward in this way.

Hope this helps

FG x


Any updates on this? We are looking at Spain (Madrid). Main reason, speed, cost (not that expensive) and annonymity.


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