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Letter of doom!

I recieved a letter through the post a week after my bloodtest, it looked official, so when I opened it and saw NHS - and Dr o's office on the header, I was filled with both dread and excitment as part of me was hoping he was writting to say test showed I was pregnant.

This delusion soon halted when i read the first line, and I quote " Your recent blood test showed that your progestrone level was 8.8nmol/L, which proves that you are not ovulating" he went on to suggest that I double my dose top 100mg...

I know it is his job, but to be so matter of fact and what feels heartless... well it upset me, I have not really regained any hope.

I have been on double dose for 2 months now and apart from feeling the side effects more, i.e the hot sweats, the moodiness, the sick feeling, the metalic taste... no effect at all. I dont feel my body ovulate, the only thing they seem to have been succesful in doing is making my life hell, what with the above effects and the painful, heavy menstruation, Im not sure if I was better off withyout them, they have not increased my chances of having a baby.

All this time our next step was IVF, but what if the IVF drugs cant stimulate my overies, what if I product no eggs. I will never have our baby..

I know that is in te distant future and that is where I should leave it, but it is it is hard to keep the motivation to try... I havbe often said I will not give up.. but my goodness infertility really pushes you far beyond breaking point. :(

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I really wish professionals would think before they pass on news which could have such an impact on patients. I can't offer you any practical suggestions but I can say that we really do understand how difficult infertility is to deal with. When you are on the rollercoaster and there seem to be more downs than ups remember that there are people who will do their best to help you cope with it all.

Susan x


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