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First cycle of Clomid, any help welcome!

Hello all.

my husband and I have been trying unsuccessfully for a child for 16 months during which time I have had no bleeds, I hadnt had a period for 10 years due to depot provera, I started spotting 13 days ago and saw the gynae on monday who gave me tablets to make me bleed and clomid, yesterday I started bleeding properly and am again today so called gynae who advised me to commence the clomid. I feel like death warmed up at the moment as I have various other health troubles that complicate things, I am a bit lost now as to what to expect, when ovulation is likely etc, so am floundering a little, any advice, help, etc much appreciated

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Hi. Clomid has been around for many years now, and is often the first line of treatment offered, especially in those who are not ovulating regularly, or as in your case not at all. You will have been advised to start taking the Clomid on the second day of bleeding and take for five days in total. You will then wait until you either start bleeding again, or you have become pregnant. More often than not, this treatment will carry on for approximately six months, and if not successful might then progress to IVF. Obviously, your consultant knows you best and will have appropriate treatment lined up for you if necessary. Regarding ovulation, this will occur roughly fourteen days from the beginning of your cycle. Do make sure that you have regular intercourse – every three days or more often if you wish, so that your tubes are primed with sperm – in case ovulation is irregular.

Diane Arnold.


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