Did clomid affect your cycle?

Hey everybody! So this was my first cycle trying clomid. Been quietly going stir crazy in my 2ww😥 currently on day 27 of my cycle and zero sign of my period. My cycles are usually 26 or 27 days long. I did a test today and it was a BFN. Just wondering if perhaps my cycle length might have been impacted by the clomid?

I have my appointment with my fertility doctor tomorrow regarding my internal scan and failed HSG exam, fingers crossed for good news and the next move.

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  • It made mine a few days longer Instead of the usual 25. I think this is quite common. I hope it's a good sign and you get your BFP x

  • Hey Daxi16!🙋 how you feeling?! Hope everything is good with you and your buns in the oven! Unfortunately my period came today, it was the first time I thought it really might be a positive and I felt a bit freaked out! Not feeling too bad about the BFN, going to focus on making my body a baby making temple😄 the doctor was very positive about my info so only question make left is my tubes so once my lap is done we'll see!

  • Sorry to hear about that Hun. How many months into the clomid are you? I've heard lots of people getting BFP after a lap. My buns are coming along great thanks cooking up a storm xxx

  • Oh that's fab news! You must be so excited!😀 that was my first month, I assumed the doctor would give me more but she wasn't keen. I guess if PCOS has been ruled out for now then she thinks it's unnecessary medication that may tamper with my cycle. From the info I have on my stats and OH's most recent sperm analysis it *could* just happen! So thats the plan. Positive mental attitude!

  • That's great news if all the tests are looking good and the sperm analysis also then your doing the right things! Just enjoy! Only a thought I used something called soft cups during my ovulation timing after intercourse have you heard of them? Not the nicest of things but I'm pretty sure they helped check them out xx

  • I think I saw something about those on Amazon! Thanks for the tip! From what I remember they varied hugely in price, which did you go for? If you don't mind me asking!

  • I think I got some off Ebay they where not that much maybe £6-£7 x

  • Fab! New I hope😉😄

  • Ha ha yes new x

  • It screwed my regular cycles too. I was always 28 days and 3 rounds of chlomid (although it did make my egg release much greater as intended) I was never sure when my ovulation date was either during those three cycles

  • Hi Mrsjj! Thanks for the reply😊 How's it going?! If my calculations are right you may have news to share😁 My period started today day 28 of my cycle, so feeling fortunate that my cycle hasn't been put too off balance. My doctor hasnt given me any more clomid to try, waiting for a lap test and then the next move! Feeling motivated to get in the best shape possible and hoping for a baby miracle along the way!🤞💜

  • Hi Macavela. Just hoping all went well with your appointment today, and you have been reassured that all soon settles back down. Good luck! Diane

  • Hey Diane! You are so sweet, we are really lucky to have you💜 appointment was positive I think! The doctor said my most recent blood tests were excellent and didn't look like PCOS. She said my scan was good, she was a little unsure but didn't think PCOS from that either. She said I should stop metaformin or unless it's helping me to lose weight. But if it's not necessary I think it's better to stop?

    I was nervous the doctor would be unsympathetic about my failed HSG but she's was really nice. She has referred me for a lap test. It's not in the infertility department so it's a bit of a waiting game. My next appointment with the fertility doctor is December! Hopefully by then the lap will be done, and my BMI will be below 30 (32 just now!)

    She hasn't given me any more clomid to try, she didn't want it to overlap with the lap, don't think she realised my consultation for that would be November. I guess in the mean time we try unaided!

  • Hi Macevela. Well at least things are moving for you. I agree regarding the Metformin, as it should have done its job of clearing the path for your pituitary hormones to “talk” to your ovaries – unless of course, carry on, if you feel it is helping with your weight loss. Obviously, when you have your laparoscopy, they will perform a dye test too to check your Fallopian tubes, all under general anaesthetic, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The same goes with the Clomid, unless you know the state of your tubes, its pointless giving you the drug, should they be blocked at all. Good luck with the weight loss, as it is never easy – speaking as one who knows – and let’s hope you reach your target of a BMI of under 30. Thinking of you. Diane

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