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Hi there i am 22 years of age (female) and have been with my partner for 5 years and we our going strong. He was diagnosed in 2006 with prostate cancer but by the time he knew about and got help it was to late it had spread to his lungs he under went 3 major operations and came out fighting and i must say he is in very good health. At time of all the operations we were not thinking about freezing some of his sperm away which we both know now was a big mistake. I have trained to nvq level in childcare so i sort of know a little bit on how hard it is to bring up a child. I have come across this website on the internet and would like to ask if any one could help but telling me what opinions are available because my partner is 37. I know the age gap in a lot but you cant help with who you fall in love with and both our family's are happy for us and support us. Thank you for reading this message

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well I think the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor... do you know your partners current state of fertility. if not then a semen analysis is called for.

assuming you are healthy and having normal periods I guess you could keep trying for a while. but if he had a low sperm count then Ivf is your only true option..

really with the added complication of cancer a Dr is your first port of call



Well, first of all, it is so good to hear that your partner has got through his cancer surgery and treatment successfully – well done! Yes, it is sad to think that he was not offered the chance to freeze some of his sperm before undergoing treatment. However, he needs to have a semen analysis done to check whether he is producing sperm or not – your GP can arrange this for you. If he is, and the count is low, then there is always the option of trying some form of IVF treatment. If he is not producing sperm, then have you thought of having a baby using a sperm donor? No need to worry about the age difference – that is not a problem. I have dealt with so many couples who have had to resort to the use of a sperm donor for numerous reasons – not just post cancer treatment, and they have gone on to have healthy babies. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com you will be able to see factsheets about this and IVF/ICSI treatments. You will also be able to contact others through the Forum, who have had such treatments. Do give it some thought, and I do wish you both well with whatever you decide.

Diane Arnold


Me and my partner have just read your reply. Thank you for your help and advice we are seeking help now from our GP. Thank you both for your help


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