I have been trying for a baby for 4 years and in the last 20 monthsI have been under the care of Dewsbury hospital, tbh i have been traeted appaling and have complained about my treatment, anyway to cut a long story short I have a1 blocked ovary and a partially blocked ovary I am 37 and time is now not on my side. I have now been told not to try and get pregnant as there would be a high risk of a eptopic pregnancy. I am still waiting for a refferel to Leeds and have been told that I could see Mr Macrow at Wakefield Pinderfields hospital, has anyone been to him or would I be better holidng out and going direct to Leeds?

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  • Hi iv seen Mr Macrow and tbh its not much help he just goes through what you already know and then tells you you have to go to seacroft. Im now under seacroft but we have been messed about so much but now things are going as they should be. Not much help but this is what i know!

  • Hiya, Thank you for the information, I have now been sent an appointment for Seacroft and we have our first appointment in 2 days time, very excited, it says on there wb site that its approx 18 weeks for IVF is this the case?

    I have also been sent an appointment for Mr Macrow on the 14th of this month is just shows you how rubbish the system is..

    Hopefully things will be more promising in the upcoming weeks..

    I hope everything is going well for you??


  • Hiya

    I thought this would be the case, even though I have been told by the person dealing with my complaint that I can have duel care, I think I will yet again have to kick up a fuss if I have been lied to yet again. I am waiting for my appointment to come through from Leeds but atthis stage they cant tell me when it is. How long from first going to Seacroft did you have to wait to have the IVF?


  • Me and my partner have had almost 2 years of been messed about tests getting lost letters sent to the wrong address etc, when we finally got into seacroft we was told i had to consider having my tubes taken away (i should of been told this by mr macrow but wasn't) so im having that done 15th august and then in september we will go and start ivf, once you get your appiontment through for leeds it all moves quick, i was told they dont have a waiting list for the actual treatment, you shouldn't be waiting long we got our appointment within 4 weeks, hope this helps a little xx

  • Hiya,

    I have just been told the same thing, how long did you have to wait for the operation and do you have to stay in hospital or can you come home the same day? I have not read the leaflets yet as I came staright to work. will you have a scar or anything? sorry allot of questions and my head is swimming as I do not know what to do... i have been told my chances are only 10% with my tubes and 30 % without :o(( did they give you any percentages?


  • Hiya, i'm having the operation done on wednesday i'm told i can come home the same day as it will be done by key hole surgery. Your head will be all over mine was the same, we was told we had a 15% chance with my tubes and 30% chance without, we just took abit of time to ourselfs to think everything through then decided to better our chances. Iv only waited 9 weeks for the operation date, i was told the waiting list is around 18 weeks but they will try to get you in before. I would say just take sometime for you both and then do what you feel is right for you both. xxx

  • Hiya, thank you for the information it really helps and good luck for Wednesday, I hope it all goes well for you xxx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hi there

    I was sorry to hear that you feel that you have not been treated well at your previous hospital. I think that what you refer to is that you have one blocked Fallopian tube and one that is partially blocked. It does seem that you will probably need to have some form of IVF treatment in order to conceive safely. I cannot discuss individual consultants, but rest assured that wherever you are referred to for further treatment, that clinic/hospital will be covered by the stringent testing carried out by the “Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority”. I think on the whole you would be best guided by whoever is referring you for treatment, and I do wish you a successful outcome.

    Diane Arnold

  • I am panicking after reading all this coz i am going to c Mr Macrow in a few weeks and i pray he dnt f*** up .....

  • Hiya I'm under mr macrow at Leeds and he's been really good. In just under 12 months I've had all my investigation had a laparoscopy to see where the trouble was and on the 20th December 2012 I got my diagnosis that both my Fallopian tubes are blocked and I need keyhole again to have them both removed then to try ivf at seacroft. I have my pre assessment on the 4th January 2013 ready for my next keyhole to have my Fallopian tubes removed. I think mr macrow was great and quick and got to the bottom of my problem in under 12 months. Good luck fransina xx

  • I mean at pinderfields lol xx

  • All I know from what I have been told is that you would still need to go to Seacroft for treatment for IVF, but Im not sure what stage you are at?


  • hiya, im under mr macrow and he said he can do all the scans and tests etc and i will only go to leeds to take sperm test in of my partners and for my egg retrival andf then the embryo putting back in he says he can re do all the tests seacroft wants and send them to seacroft its set up especially for people that would have to travel etc. ive been under mr macrow for a while now and havnt got a bad word to say i also had both my tubes removed last week as they where both blocked just waiting for my appointment to go leeds now to a meeting that tells you what ivf involves etc and sign the consent forms. is there any1 else at same stage as me xx

  • I'm going to Leeds on Thursday for a follow up app after having my tubes tied. Tbh I decided to go with Seacroft as it was the best choice for me. The info evening is held on a Wednesday night and its every 2 weeks you don't need to book a appointment you just turn up. If you ring them They will be able to tell you when the next one is. It's very interesting and you won't remember anything. If I were you personally I would double check that what he said is correct you can ask one of the nurses at the info evening. There all super nice people. I hope to be referred to the nurse after Thursday and start the IVF. I have had to wait 12weeks for my follow up app after tubes been removed but that's the NHS for you underfunded. Keep me posted as were more or less at the same stage xx

  • hi ya i was under mr macrow at methley park through the nhs i went to my first appoinment where he did a questionaire with me asking if me or my partner had any children from other relationships in which my hubby had got two children ,and he never said i thing to us me and my hubby had lots of tests from the febuary till the aug to be told that because my husband as children we are not eligable for ivf which i think was shocking to let us go through all of the tests and building are hopes up to have are dreams shattered he should of known all the rules and regulations enough to say that we wasnt eligable right from the start when we told we had children not to put us through all the tests then tell us 6 month later that cause my husband as children we carnt have it on the nhs i think this is shocking and im now taking this matter futher

  • Hi paulivicky did you get anywhere when you took it further ? Who did you complain to ?

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