I had my consultation 4th dec, I was told I would be starting my ivf in January when they have found a match but I'm still waiting !

I'm being an egg donor. I was told they would find me a donor straight away as the waiting list was big. I was told this in December and now it's getting to feb. Should I call or not? I'm getting anxious so I dred to think how the other ladies feel like. Why won't they call? I feel like moving to another clinic as they have already lost my blood group results. Has anyone else that's a donor had to wait this long ?

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  • Hi why dont u ring them and put your mind at rest hun.. x

  • Hello I think I will again. I have rang a few times to see if my blood group test was back but that was three weeks ago. Every time I call the lady I'm dealing with is off or on holiday x

  • Can you try a different hospital? I think you should go with your gut feeling if you're feeling that they're not doing their best.

  • I have paid for all my treatment bar the drugs package so I would rather not move but they are not keeping me informed. I will call today and get to the bottom of it

  • Blimey thats annoying they should get another member of staff to keep you updated while shes off on annual leave.let us no how u get on xx

  • I have called. She said that she offered a couple my eggs but they wanted brown eyes and I have green so they said no thank you. So she has offered to another couple and I should get a phone call in a couple of days. Fingers crossed they accept.

  • Fingers crossed for u x

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