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Need help asap just been put on clomifene

Hi I was put on a 5 day course of clomifene as I just found out I'm infertile after having my 3 year old myself and my partner were trying for 2 1/2 years without any luck and today was told by my doctor that I'm infertile I was wondering if there were any other couples who are on or have been on clomifene and what the success rate is as I have been told if I don't get pregnant by 5 days am on a 4 month course and if nothing after that I have to see a specialist please help me

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Sorry to hear of your problem.

Clomifene is different for each woman i had 3 6 month courses from my so called specialist abd it did not work for me. I do have to say thought that i know other ladies who have taken one course abd got successfully pregnant.

It is hard to say what the options would be should this fail. Sometimes depending what area and postcode you are in they try alternate fertility drugs... Others refer to and this can be a long wait..

Unfortunatley for me my marriage suffered the masacre of infertility and my fight is up.

But i wish u every luck in the world. I know the desperate need abd want to complete your family.

Saz-s x


The fertility drug Clomiphene has been around for many years now and is often used initially when a couple have been trying unsuccessfully for a few years to try and get pregnant. Providing that your Fallopian tubes are clear and your partner’s sperm sample is within normal limits, you have about a 30% chance of getting pregnant. Obviously, this cannot be predicted precisely, as all infertile women would be pregnant using the drug! It is usually prescribed for up to 6 months, and you need to take it for 5 days starting on the 2nd day of your period. Remember that if this does not work for you, there are many other forms of treatment that can be tried, so do keep positive and hopefully all will work out well for you both. If you have a look at our website www.infertilitynetwork uk.com you will be able to see how we can support you further during this time.

Diane Arnold


Hi problem is I haven't had a period for 2 years so I was told to take them as soon as I got them my aunty tells me that the 5 day ones are to clear your system out but my doctor says different so I'm quite confused


Don't know what you mean by 'if I don't get pregnant by 5 days'? We tried and got a positive test only for an early miscarriage. We were advised to try on certain days of the month after some initial scans (about 4 times around ovulation - days 11,13,15,17). You should be getting follicle tracking scans to check size of follicles after taking Clomifene. I would check back with your local infertility clinic to get full information. The Clomifene is to increase your hormone levels to enable follicles to be produced to correct size and allow you to get pregnant.


My daughter was given diskette to bring on her period. As she not ad a period for about 2-3 years herself. She was given clomid 3 times at different stages of the year. Because R g.p wouldn't give her the 2nd lot until nearly 4 months later because for some strange reason everytime my daughter went back to see her she would take a urine sample and bloods and send them of for pregnancy testing. Each time coming back negative. My daughter new she wasn't after the 1st time but gp wud insist on another. then she gave clomid again still the 50mg then gave her a prescription for another lot also 50mg to take when she felt ready to take it after a urine sample was took from 2nd clomid try. Unsuccessful again. Then was asked for bloods again to see if was ovulating as to which said she wasn't even tho ovulation kit said she did. So since then the gp said there nothing else any one can do for her now that's it. Its ripped my daughter apart. And me avin watch her suffer. But she's never had any treatment or been checked if tubes blocked all she's had is a scan which they said she has pcod. Apart from that just blood tests any advice on where or what to do next please. Good luck to all sufferers hope things work out for you to conceive


Dianette meant sorry


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