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and what did you do today?

well 9 days in - five decent sized eggs - last injection before collection. 34 and a half hours to go and counting. excited, nervous and trying to act as if this is a normal day.

luckily lots of friends to gossip with and a friend made redundant to take my mind off it (for 5 minutes). that sounds bad but she'd understand

Going to hit the pit and listen to my fertility affrimation (i'll try anything). Got a massage tomorrow and gonna plan a night of talking to friends or the pictures- something to keep me entertained.

Wish me luck and good luck to anyone in a simlilar position right here, right now

Bye for now

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Good luck, hope it all goes well and you manage to keep yourself occupied during the 2ww.


Hi there!

Well, you certainly have got your next few days mapped out well! That’s brilliant to hear as the 2ww is a nightmare time of constant “knicker watching”! I really hope all works out well, and don’t watch anything too scary at the cinema – if you go.

Diane Arnold


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