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Have pcos What is the chance of falling pregnant naturally after fertility treatment?

Nearly two years ago I fell pregnant with my daughter after a second course of (icsi) fertility treatment I have a (contraception) implant inserted but is causing me problems (bleeding) I want it removed and go back on the pill but I think my husband is worried can anyone advise please? Thank you

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This should be quite straightforward to do. A contraception implant (IUD) is often removed during menstruation because the cervix is naturally softened at that time. It is a similar process as to when you first had it inserted. Once the IUD strings are located, a qualified professional will remove the IUD by using forceps to get hold of the strings and slowly pull out the IUD at a certain angle. The flexible arms of the IUD will fold up as the IUD slides through the opening of the cervix. Occasionally, the strings slip up into the cervix and need to be “teased” back down with some small forceps before gently pulling it out. Hope this explains it simply.

Diane Arnold


Thank you diane for your reply I received fertility treatment due to having pcos I have at at the moment a implant in the top inside of my arm and have been told it is a simple procedure to remove my question is after getting pregnant via fertility treatment I wanted to know with pcos can I get pregnant again but naturally? As not know is worrying my husand


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