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NHS Funding, GP says i have to go private

Although i've just started my process, inital tests and scans stage. I have been trying to get pregnant for over 3yrs with no luck. My GP told me today to start saving as if i was considering IVF i would have to go private. I have had to push to start tests after being fobbed off for the past 2yrs by GP. I am now 32 and worried age is against me, but i have checked NHS website which says upto 39yrs. Does anyone know if i will qualify for NHS funding? am confused, a little angry and just abit upset!!

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Hi rmpop.

NHS funding is different all over the country, so there is no easy answer,and it can be linked to loads of things eg. if your partner already has a child. You could look on the Infertility Network UK site infertilitynetworkuk.com, and search for Funding for Fertility. Alternatively, your should be able to find out the criteria from your GP or PCT.

If you find that funding is not available, at the very least see if you have the strength to write to your MP to complain about the position.

Good luck!

FG x


Thanks Flowergirl, i have had a quick look at the website, I wonder how i can apply for funding if my GP won't refer me, or can i not!!? i was told previously that funding would be an option after 3yrs and now having waited 3yrs i'm being told it won't!! As far as i know i meet all the criteria for my PCT another GP checked for me about 6months ago, he's since left though. Ive had to wait 3yrs just to get bloods and a scan done, its quite frustrating, tho i think alot of women find that it is. I will keep trying!!


If you qualify under the PCT criteria then you should be able to get funding without having to apply for funding, If you are having problems then please get in touch with me directly and let me know your PCT and I will do what I can to help you

Good luck

Susan (I N UK)


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