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NHS funding costs???

Hi I was just wandering if any of you ladies/or men out there that have been approved for NHS funding have had to pay out for anything?

My partner recently had some sperm frozen incase it is decided we need it on the day. Due to start in Mid May 🙏. Anyway we have just received a bill for the semen freeze. We had no idea that it was coming or that we had to pay it. Obviously we appreciate we are very lucky to be getting our first go on the NHS, however we were just a bit shocked as we had no prior warning. Has anyone else experienced this at all.

Please don't think we don't appreciate how lucky we are - we really do Xx

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Hi the only thing we had to pay gor on our NHS funded course was prescription costs depending on what the items were some pharmacys in the hospital gave for free if it was a persciption from the NHS department, we were told we had 1 fresh go and 1 frozen go free due to our post code and any try after that as long as we had eggs in storage from our fresh go was £500 but if no eggs stored from the collection in the fresh go no more goes on the NHS , it vary depending on where you live hope it makes sense good luck and baby dust xx


God that's awful with the shock bill / they should have said to you!!

I don't know much about your situation but I had a free fresh go on NHS and everything was covered. Maybe cause sperm freezing and thawing wouldn't take place in a typical fresh cycle they have done it that way ? Would Definetely push against that one


Thanks ladies, it was just a bit of a shock. I've tried contacting our clinic this week but it is shut until next week 😒. I just want to double check before we pay it. Kell27 we are entitled to one free fresh go and then any embryos to be frozen for up to 3 years. Good luck with your journeys ladies xx


We didn't have to pay anything. I did get an invoice at one point but it was an error, call your clinic to double check before you pay anything :-) best of luck to you x


Thanks kjornsby - hopefully it will be the same for us. I will call them on Tuesday. Congrats on ur BFP hope all is progressing smoothly xx


So far we've paid for AMH testing. We haven't got as far as IVF treatment. X


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