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Hello All

Looking for a bit of advice. We have been approved for NHS funding to cover three cycles of ICSI . Next Wednesday we attend our information appointment and presume we start treatment.

We have just returned from vacation and I feel like I've put on a few ponds which is making me worry about my BMI. Does anyone know if they continually weight you during this process or if that's merely to secure funding? I am obviously concerned as we want to get going but also want to do so safely. I will not be eating anything from now till next Wed in the hope to shift it! I put on weight by just looking at a food- plus I'm short which isn't beneficial with th BMI calculation!

I'm trying to remain calm and not worry but wondered if anyone else has experience this?


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  • They weighed me continually me up until I started my shots so yes you ll need to make sure your bmi is below 30. I found it stressful and constantly kept my eye on weight. Some gyms have weighing machines that do your bmi. Good luck!!x

  • I only got weighed when I got accepted and then the clinic never weighed me after that. Try and keep your weight down just to get through it anyway they do say you have a better chance. Good luck xx

  • I only got weighed to check I had lost the weight to qualify. Best to try and lose a couple just in case delays are just frustrating. Good luck x

  • Thank You - really helpful. It is stressful isn't it but we can only try our best. Wishing you all well xxx

  • I can't say for definite that your clinic will, but my clinic weighs me at every appointment and my BMI is 25. My husband is currently BMI of 31, and he is trying to lose weight to get his BMI to 29.9. We too are at the same stage as you- 3 weeks till planning app.

    To play it safe & prevent any delay, I would personally try and lose a few pounds before the app ( I know it's not as easy as it sounds). Let me know how you get on.x

  • Hi Rstar,

    I was weighed at every appointment I attended except the information appointment which I had last month. I guess every hospital probably works different though.

    I haven't yet started treatment although I'm due to start in October but have another appointment in September so will be interesting to see if I'm weighed again then.

    Good luck 🍀 xxx

  • I got weighed on our first appointment, but they didn't weigh me anymore. I have lost about 2 and a half stone, but my BMI was just slightly higher than it should be, but we was still allowed to go ahead with the treatment.

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