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Will having private tests effect NHS funding

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Hi all please help!

I've recently had another chemical pregnancy & been told I won't have my follow up appointment for 2 months due to reduced doctors at my clinic. As this is my 3rd chemical I am keen to start getting tests under way to find out why this keeps happening. Does anyone know if I was to have a private consultation & possibly private investigation tests would it affect my NHS funding?

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So sorry to hear of your losses. 💕

I think your wise to run further tests,

I ran some private blood tests between my referral and appointment to an NHS fertility clinic. One of my tests I ran was the Nk cell blood test- glad I had it done as it's slightly raised 12% - consultant will prescribe me steroids once I'm pregnant.- was totally worth £300.

My consultant has no issues at all with me running private tests and I handed him the results. It hasn't affected our NHS funding at all- it speeded things up- and meant we could start treatment that cycle- I started clomid the same day!

Check with the clinic but I'm sure they won't mind- after all it saves the NHS money!


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Thanks jess1981 this is really helpful. I did 1 round of NHS IVF at the start of the year & have just tried our 1 frozen blastocyst which also failed as a chemical pregnancy. I just want to know now why. I'm thinking I need to check out my NK cells. Did u go via a private clinic for this or referred with ur NHS clinic but paid for it? Also how long did the tests take? Xx

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I'm really sorry to hear that your IVF cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy- this journey is hard enough as it is.

The only positive thing you can take from this is you can get pregnant.

I just ran some tests as I couldn't be bothered to wait for the NHS to do them!

I ran hormonal blood tests i.e. Progestrone etc results back same day.

My ultrasound- the sonographer told me what she could see on the screen in detail and wrote a scan report for my consultant.

My Nk blood test was done on a Tuesday- this test has to go to a specialised lab in London- it takes 4-5 working days to receive the results. The results were back by Friday but I didn't phone the clinic till the Monday- as I thought it would take longer.

I did not get an NHS referral for this test or any -I did this on my own. I emailed several clinics to see if they done this Nk test - eventually I found a clinic near me that did! I refered myself - with private that is your right to refer yourself. I paid £311 for the blood test plus £35 for admin fees and £50 charge for not being a registered patient there- it was definitely worth it tho 💡Do not know why they don't encourage women to have their Nk checked 😡

My consultant believes thd biospy is better as it is definitive of the target area- a blood test could be anywhere not necessarily affecting the uterus.

Luckily my consultant will go on my blood test results- I will be prescribed a low dose steroid once I'm confirmed to be pregnant and take it during the first 12 weeks- just to keep the baby safe👍🏻My consultant said it shouldn't be high enough to stop me conceiving i.e. They are only truly concerned if the Nk level is over 15%- mine is only slightly raised at 12%.

I would ask your clinic what Nk test they would prefer ie blood test or the biospy. All the clinics vary. It's a complete mind field!

Hope this helps a bit


Hello Nat6

I also had a chemical pregnancy last year which is what got me under investigation with the fertility clinic, not sure what tests you are wanting to have done but the ivf clinic will just re do all the testing anyway as it will have to be done by them so they have the results kept in your notes. It's a long old process and it's taken nearly 2 years to get my first ivf cycle on the go, nhs are so slow! So if you can afford to go private then I would.

I'm sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy tho lovely, I remember going through so many tests and it's so draining but just keep strong that's all I can advise xxx

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Thanks emma-Jane-30 I really appreciate ur response. I've had 1 cycle of NHS IVF & just had an FET which also ended as a chemical. I was wondering if it's ok to have some private tests done in between NHS cycles to speed up the testing process so that I can then move on to my 2nd NHS cycle. My way of handling the failure of another try is to be pro active & try to sort out what's going on. I'm handling it very different to last time but haven't been on as many drugs this time round. Xx

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Being pro active is the best way to be, I admire you for that, as it's so heart breaking seeing the positive line to then get a neg.

it's so strange as from being in hear and speakin with different people, I'm getting the information that every area is different. I'm from down in Devon and if I had gone and got private tests done they would have only redone them again for there records but I don't want to speak for you as it maybe completely different for you,

I really hope you get some answers Hun xxx

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Thanks so much, it helps to gather as much info as possible. I just don't know how long it takes to have more tests done in between cycles. We all no how long getting referred for IVF in the 1st place takes & I'm scared I will have to start back at square one again. X

Private tests should not affect your NHS IVF.

Your GP should officially refer you to a recurrent miscarriage clinic to be tested after 3 chemical pregnancies...have a look at the Tommys clinic too x

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This is very interesting Hollibob. Maybe I will call my gp to discuss things with him as I just need that extra medical support right now. I need to help in understanding what's going on rather than being left to wait for my follow up for 2 months. Gosh just thinking & talking about it now makes me tearful. I will check out that clinic xx

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I can understand that. I always need to feel like I'm doing something.

Just bear in mind that with some tests you will have to be clear of the medication and miscarriages for a certain amount of time.

The tests that I had done were with the NHS and I just asked them for copies of the results- they were fine.

My thoughts were to get what tests we could via the NHS as self funding treatment is expensive enough!

You'll get there x

Hi, We paid privately for some of our tests to speed up the process and still got NHS funding, xx

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This is great to know. Did the results from ur private tests get put into ur NHS file? Xx

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yes they all got put together and it made the process so much quicker xxx

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