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NHS Funding

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Hi all

I hope you're all well, the weekend is almost here :-)

Today I received a call from the clinic requesting payment for my last frozen embryo transfer. I am currently 8dp 5dt. We were allocated two l full cycles back in 2016 (our borough now only gives one) my understanding is that a full cycle is one fresh cycle (egg and sperm retrieval, fertilisation etc) then up to two frozen transfers per full cycle.....i had this confirmed by my ccg but the email is a little ambiguous.

Throughout this cycle we have not once been asked about payment or has anything been said that this is not NHS funded however today while already immensely nervous about the outcome I receive a call asking for thousands of pounds.

I just wondered if anyone could offer any advice...have I gotten It wrong?

My real gripe is how bad the treatment has been with this clinic, we never would have stuck with them for a private cycle. Their treatment has caused no end of stress and angst and now to think we may have to pay for this isn't filling me with joy.

Thanks lovelies xxxx

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That sounds pretty off. I'm pretty sure it includes the frozen cycles and even if it didn't they should have agreed upfront. I would ask to talk to someone in charge or call your go! You're right that is an uneccsary stress, really bad of them!

Best of like with the rest of your cycle and fingers crossed!! We are on the same Day!!!! X

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Ang24816 in reply to bumpkin

Thank you hun. Do you mind me asking what ccg you're with? PM me if better 😚

I called the CCG and the lady I spoke to agreed with my understanding but the lady in charge was at a meeting so couldn't get confirmation.

Oh wow....how are you feeling? I've not had any symptoms at all...just cramps (esp the last two days) my boobs aren't sore at all but weirdly haven't been since I started progesterone, previous cycles (negative and positive) theyve been sooo sore. Xx

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bumpkin in reply to Ang24816

We didn't qualify for NHS funding as I'm 35 and that's the cut off for our ECG. Gutted!! I'm sure if the CCG said you were then they can't charge you!

I started spotting yesterday so I'm not too hopeful. This is our third cycle and never had a positive. Trying not to read too much in to it!

I hope you get it sorted and keep us posted xx

I got an invoice from my clinic in error, I rang the accounts dept and it was sorted out really quickly. It makes you feel sick seeing all those £s doesn’t it? My clinic actually takes all payment in advance so we definitely didn’t owe them anything, I’m sure you don’t either.

Thanks Lizzie. I spoke to them at length and they're adiment we need to pay. Nobody has told us this throughout all the appointments we've had. The letter is a little ambiguous but we've had it confirmed on the phone. I just hope the CCG don't change their tune now we've had the treatment. Xx

I think that sounds like something you can definitely fight, it’s just a fight you don’t want to be having at this point. Surely if it was switching to a paid cycle, they should have confirmed this in writing and probably also got you to sign something. They’re crazy if they don’t get payment in advance for at least a deposit on a private cycle! Presumably you didn’t pay for your drugs or anything?

Hey, we also have two rounds on the nhs as we had started treatment before the cut off! We didn’t pay a penny for our fresh cycle but We did have to pay for the storage and freezing of the remaining 4 embros! We were told if this round was not successful we could only do another fresh round and not use the frozen embros! But we are Birmingham so I don’t know if it’s different here?? I’m sure they would have to tell you before surly as how do they know you can pay? Not very nice of them to cause this added stress tho!! Hope it all goes ok and is just a mistake x x

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Ang24816 in reply to Looby25

Thanks hun. Our letter says two fill cycles then details what's included...it says fresh cycle plus transfer of any (which I believe is up to 2) frozen embryos. Doesn't clearly state it's two per cycle but we queried this last year and were told this was definate....such a shame we didn't get it in writing xx

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Looby25 in reply to Ang24816

You should be fine then!! And I’m sure they would ask for some sort of payment whilst having treatment surly if you had to pay! Silly clinic causing unnecessary stress in an already emotional time!! Hope it all gets sorted out x x x

Could it be a mistake?

All the treatment we have had so far has been private and they always ask for payment in advance.

I would say there is no harm in saying you believe this is an error and should be covered by the NHS. You’ve got nothing to lose in asking x

Hi, my Funding looks at frozen cycles separately and they not considered one cycle.

I found the main letter from my CCG a bit confusing and had to read the fine print.

I got one fresh cycle on the NHS which failed and I did get Frosties from my first cycle but as my funding expired in between my Frosties I’ve had to self fund even though they were part of the same cycle.

I hope in your case it is different. Frosties should be part of one cycle, but in my case it wasn’t, so that’s not always the case.

I hope the outcome is different for you.

Best of luck and I hope you resolve this quickly, all these things just add to the pressure, which is so frustrating.

Good luck

Where I am a full cycle was one fresh OR one frozen cycle. However you're made aware of that up front. From what you were told, your ccg is different to ours and this cycle should be included. Regardless, they always make it clear upfront. I suspect they have made a mistake and told you the wrong thing originally and now are trying to get the money retrospectively, which is completely unfair.

I got an invoice for my first fet and we queried it as we were sure our one go included all fets but the clinic said no. So we paid it. But the more I thought about it the less sure I was so I looked online for my ccg and sure enough, the way it was worded implied all frozen embryos that resulted from the fresh round. I rang the ccg and though it took a few weeks for someone to get back to me we were assured there was miscommunication between the ccg and our clinic and that we would be reimbursed. We were xx

I was told that FETs are included in your cycle until you have a live birth, then you have to pay for future FETs. Sounds like a mistake to me. Hope you get it sorted x

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Ang24816 in reply to

Out letter also says that but I think it's up to two frozen embryo transfers per cycle.

I understand why the hospital are confused as the letter they received does say 2xfresh and 2xfrozen however our letter says 2xfull cycles which consists of a fresh and two frozen. Xx

So a day before my test I'm being hounded by the clinic for payment....ive asked them repeatedly to call the CCG but they keep calling me demanding I pay. Could it get any more stressful. Was already not hopeful about this round....now I'm so stressed also.

Thanks for all of your comments


Explain to them that you will no longer be taking their calls until they speak to the ccg?

I have hun. Still it's hanging over me now. I'm scared that they won't release our embryos and hubby sperm until we pay. Xx

Well done. You don’t need the embryos/sperm in the immediate future so you have time to sort this out. I really hope that the CCG pull their finger out to deal with this soon- does your GP know? They might be able to support you too.

Oh no sorry to hear you haven't got it sorted yet. I hope you get it resolved soon.

Did you get any medication in this cycle? If the script was done on NHS letterhead and you did not pay privately for the medication then it is definitely NHS and they can’t switch you over. Good luck xxx

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Ang24816 in reply to

Hey. I did have meds but they were delivered to my home. At no point did anyone ask us about funding. A lady called this morning who was down right rude. So infuriating. Xx

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Lilli79 in reply to Ang24816

My meds were delivered to my home on my NHS cycle too, no payment was required. It really sounds like they've messed up here. There's no reason why they would pay for your meds, and then make you pay for them at a later date. Seems silly. On our first NHS cycle they tried to make us pay for some tests, and then I had a moan and they cancelled the invoice. I remember the bloke I spoke to was adament we had to pay, and sounded like a bit of a jobsworth. We got there in the end though after numerous phone calls!! Good luck, I hope you get it sorted x

This is shocking! As if IVF isn't stressful enough! These clinics should know better (and quite frankly should be ashamed of themselves). Their handling of these situations should be transparent, upfront and sensitive, not underhand and like a bull in a china shop. I'm angry on your behalf! I hope you manage to get it sorted, and I feel so sorry for you and all the other couples that have been put in this situation! xx

I am self funded and had to pay for everything in advance before any treatment so definitely double check it's not an error. You really don't need this additional stress.


I am currently having my first FET cycle after a failed fresh cycle, both of which are part of NHS treatment (I am allowed one complete cycle in my area).

I was told by my clinic that one cycle is one fresh and one frozen cycle (as long as the frozen cycle uses eggs collected in the fresh cycle).

I do believe it differs in each area! (God knows why, it doesn’t seem fair AT ALL) so it would definitely be worth checking all your paperwork again. But if they we’re expecting payment they should have given you a payment plan before you even started treatments.

You mentioned you’ve had a bad experience so could it be that they’ve confused you with someone else?

As if all this isn’t stressful enough!!!

Really hope it gets sorted for you.

Good luck with everything xx

I started bleeding so did a test...its positive. Seems like another chemical pregnancy. This happened with my last cycle ☹

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I had a chemical pregnancy last year and it is so painful especially when it’s such a wanted and fought for baby 💔😭 Thinking of you and wishing you the best in the future xoxo

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Thanks hun. I just don't understand. I've had every test possible and all say everythings perfect yet this is the 3rd Loss in a row. It's heart breaking. Xx

Hey I am currently funded by the nhs and ours was 1 fresh cycle and only 1 frozen and guessing that be same most places now though can’t be sure. Def should have told u this before expecting payment. not fair at all. Best wishes ☺️

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