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Another victim of the NHS!


I am just venting right now, so sorry if I don't take a breath...

I had my long overdue appointment with our so called 'specialist' today at the so called 'nhs hospital' where everyone with an illness has a right to treatment.

I have been with them since 06 when me and my husband realised we were having issues concieving. I had to wait for tests and at the beginning of 08 had tubal surgery, I was then told to go away and try for a baby because we should be fine, I went back the year after dissapointed as still not conceived.

To cut a long story short, many 6, 7 , 8 monthly appointments later still no joy, and no real progression, eventually I was started on clomiphene, the first round did not work neither did the second, because my BMI too high I could not be referred to assisted conception unit, so a third round of clomiphene was given, Im no doctor but this was over 1 year I was on chlomid and all information says the maximum on them is a year I was on them for 2year with no other suggestions... Anyway jumping to present day, you may have seen my recent post 'just another number'

Well I am no longer a number of my specialist or any infertility specialist.

I was DISCHARGED, because the doctor said and I quote 'there is nothing I can do for you, we have tried everything' I broke down, they have tried nothing, he insists that I must be discharged, not even kept on file because 'he has not been paid the last 5 times he has seen me' how dispicable is that.

I am being told to leave and loose weight then I have to re apply to my doctor to see if they will re reffer me for an ongoing infertility illness that is still effecting me. I wont wake up tomorrow and be better, I never knew the world had stooped so low as to leave an already hopeless and helpless woman and her distraught husband, floundering in the world, with no hope, and no options. It is not that I have not tried to loose weight, but everytime I get within 3kg of the target weight my appointment was moved back or I had a false hope dashed. The stress and depression of infertility are overwhelming as I'm sure you agree. Noone should have to feel the way we do!

I am well and truly left with no options now and I think it stinks!

My only hope it that this does not happen to another couple who are as desperate as us for a child.

Thanks for listening guys

Bye for now

A very tired and lost Saz x

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Hi Saz

I am so sorry to hear of your awful experience, its hard to know what to say.

My 1st instinct would be to go to the appropriate channels to formally complain about the way this 'specialist' has treated you - you're right, its despicable and I can't believe someone with supposed years of training, in a position of such responsibility, can be allowed to treat real people like that. Have you been back to your GP and asked how to do this? Or how to get a 2nd opinion? Everyone in the NHS system is allowed an 2nd opinion and the chance to choose which NHS hospital they go to - thats what I did initially..

When my husband and I had been trying for our 2nd for over a year, we were refered to our local NHS clinic and after just one appointment and a HSG, we were told we were being impatient and greedy and should go away and 'let nature take its course'!!!! - nowhere near as harsh as your treatment but very upsetting none the less and I wish still now, 2 years later, that I'd done something about him - but what I did do, was go back to my GP and ask to be refered to a different clinic. I chose the hospital that had dealt with a number of miscarriages I'd had some years before, a clinic I trusted with people who knew me already - and they were brilliant. They conducted all of the bloods, scans and eventually a laparoscopy, and when they eventually told me 18 months ago that we had unexplained infertility, at least i trusted them, and knew that they'd done all they could to help me. Without that, I could have carried on regardless but instead, we're about to start our 2nd IVF cycle and know where we stand.

You may not feel you have the strength to do this right now, but please don't accept treatment like that - you deserve better and absolutely deserve your shot at becoming a parent

Keep us updated and let us know what you decide to do and how it goes

Good luck



Have you had all blood tests for polycysic ovaries, underactive thyroid etc. It is difficult to lose weight with both. They queried both with me and I had underactive thyroid. I've had clomiphene which made me ill and 2 IVF this was unsuccesful. Good luck


Hi, sirry i have been quiet. The whole thing hit me hard. Since my useless dr discharged me i have been quite down, but i have picked myself up and joined weight watchers. I so far have lost 10lb.. On my way to target weight.

I want this so badly, although i know the doctor is wrong and it is not my weight stopping me from getting pregnant i will do this then they will have to refer me for ivf and look for other causes. The support from you guys is amazing and i hope your all on your way to completeing you dream.. I will never give up even though i may get a little off course at times.. Xx


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