Again.....another BFN 😭

After doing a cheeky test on Tuesday and it being negative and crying all morning i secretly hoped the results would change by today. No such luck. 😭😭😭 deep down i knew this though.

Why is it that each month (especially this month) i thought we'd finally got it right that we might have some success. Hoping and dreaming is dangerous its hard not too but it's soo heart breaking πŸ’” at the other end. Ready to give appointment on the 20th of feb. Guess what to see. We've only been doing super-ovulation then trying naturally might be time to step up to ivf. Had to tick all the boxes in the we tried this column first. Ahh lovely unexplained infertility.

Congratulations to all those who reached their BFP so exciting for you all. And for those like me with a BFN my heart breaks with you. Dont feel alone i too are in the how do i keep going on boat but i guess like every month somehow we just find the strength to try again. 😒

Love to all. Xx

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  • Ketajean I'm sorry to read this, sending lots of love. If you think you're ready to progress to ivf then you're definitely in the right place as there's so much support here. Good luck with whatever path you decide x x x

  • Thank you. Starting to feel a bit better about another failure and looking forward to finding out the next step on the 20th.

  • So sorry to read this. Sending you huge hugs xx

  • So sorry to hear this Hun, it's so heartbreaking. I'm trying again in a couple of months but they've basically told me it's not going to work as my egg quality is not good enough but I just wanted to try one more coz I set my mind on it. It's so un fair especially the cost. So many horrible people have this gift of bringing life into the world and destroying it why can't it be those people that have the infertility issues. Life's not fair sometimes πŸ˜• Take care and good luck with whatever you decide next. X

  • Wishing you best of luck. Its very true its hard seeing those who take it all for granted abuse the joy they've been given. But eventually hopefully we will all have our own lil bundle. At least for now we have each other in this horrible nightmare that i wouldn't wish on anyone.

    Take care xxx

  • Bfn's are rubbish! Hits you everytime. Hopefully if you move to ivf you will finally get that bfp. Best wishes x

  • Thank you xx

  • Sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself x

  • Oh love its really hard but remember there are still unexplored paths for you and they can bring the outcome you want.. I wish you all the courage and strength on your journey and like mommabear said, you're in the right place to get all the support you need. It ain't over yet!!! xoxo

  • Thank you xx

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