Inequality of ivf on the nhs

Hello everyone

We live in Chelmsford essex and sadly we live in 1 of 3 CCGs out of 208 in the uk that offer no ivf funding on the nhs. I know you have all been impacted in some way by infertility yet despite it being a recognised disease access to funding for treatment is determined by where you live. This inequality in treatment is not acceptable so if you agree I would like to ask you to sign this petition and pass to your friends and family because together we could make a difference. Sadly 100,000 signatures are required to get this to parliament but it's so worth trying

My best wishes to all of you

Sam xxxx

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  • Would you mind if I shared this on my Facebook page xx

  • Not at all please do that would be great thank you xxxx

  • Hope 84 that would be great thank you but just realised it's not my petition link ha! Here it is!

  • Hi SJP14 I've signed your petition I live in Cumbria where we get three cycles and I think it's desperately unfair how other people in the uk get 1 or no cycles. It's cruel it's dependent where you live. Hope the petition helps xxx

  • Thank you kindly and I am so glad to hear that you get three cycles in Cumbria. It's such an emotional rollercoaster of a journey going through treatment let alone major concerns of where to get the huge sums of money from to try. I wish you all the very best in your journey. thank you for your support. Sam xxxx

  • I have signed the petition, I live in Coventry and you are entitled to one cycle under the NHS here, I find it very unfair that some districts allow three cycles, it should not be determined under post code. I really do hope you get enough signatures. Wish you lots of luck. x

  • Thank you so much summan I am so sorry to hear you have this too it's so very unfair and adds a huge financial strain in addition to an already difficult journey. I am not sure the numbers needed are possible but I just dearly wanted to try. All my best to you xxxx

  • You have until August so keep posting it on the forum and hopefully you can get more signatures. It has to. Your doing a great thing. xxx

  • Thank you so much just find it so sad that we all suffer this so very difficult journey of infertility and we should not further suffer financially meaning that some couples may sadly never even have the opportunity to access fertility treatment xxxx

  • I have just moved from Colchester (no funding) to south Suffolk (funds up to two cycles). The unfairness doesn't just stop at funding IVF cycles, it also comes down to quality of care too. The fertility service at Colchester hospital was atrocious, it took me 4 months from referral to seeing the consultant, then another 12 months before i could get another appointment! They cancelled about 5 appointments a few days before each time. Now I am at Ipswich and so far they have been brilliant. Am doing tracked clomid (also not on offer at Colchester). I feel lucky that I have been able to move house, but that is not an option for most people and this postcode lottery has to stop! Why do i deserve a chance to be a parent more than someone who lived 3 miles away??? xx

  • Ah I completely understand and it can make you feel further isolated than you already do. I am so glad to hear you are getting the help you need now. We had just taken on a new house and mortgage so yes moving was not an option for us. I hope your journey is now successful and supportive Hun xxx

  • Thank you. Best of luck to you too! I have signed the petition, it makes me so angry I want to go and chain myself to the railings outside 10 Downing Street! xxx

  • I know that feeling I went to the local ccg meeting last month and took everything not to cry as so frustrating! Awesome thank you. Petition has taken quite a hault so if you can share it and spread the word I would be so very grateful thank you again xxx

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