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Low AMH 4 mild protocol to long protocol

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Hi ladies,

This is my first time posting here. Just wanted to share my experiences on the IVF/ICSI treatment.

I am 34. My first NHS funded cycle was failed last year. It was a mild / short protocol. 5 eggs collected, 3 were mature but none of them fertilized. The result was bad eggs 🥚 I was shattered.

In london, my area would only fund 1 cycle plus I have low AMH. They were generous! After a few months of the failed cycle. My fertility consultant called me and offered me another round. I was so so grateful. He said I will be put on long protocol for getting better eggs. Before egg collection, I have taken some supplements- mixed vitamins, D3, Q10. 5 eggs were collected again. But this time has a better result. Out of 5, 3 were fertilized as they looked so good and the embryologist doesn’t know which one to choose. So they asked me to wait for day 5.

Everyday I was so worried I would received a call telling me they didn’t made it. Today is my embryo transfer, I had 1 top quality blastocyst The other 2 don’t look very good.

I will be doing my pregnancy test in about 13 days. Every step is so miracle. I don’t have so much faith but at least now I knew I do have some good eggs.

So people out there, don’t get disappointed if something hasn’t happened yet. It will happen eventually.

Good luck to everyone !

7 Replies
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Thinking of you -sending good luck wishes and a big hug Janet

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Soulbaby in reply to JA-fnuk

Thank you 🥰

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Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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All the best ❤️🙏🏻 xxx

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Good luck, lovely! 💕

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Aww so happy you got to have another cycle, sending you lots of luck and hugs🥰🥰🥰

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Thank you for all of your support. Good luck to everyone here ❤️

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