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Long protocol success with low amh

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I have just been to our new clinic today to discuss our 2nd cycle. We were given to options: short antagonist protocol or long protocol. We had short first cycle. I responded badly and my lining was rubbish so it didn't go very well. The dr recommended we give long go. I told him that I was a worried about shutting my ovaries down when they were already on the slow sluggish side (my amh is currently 6.3). He didn't seem worried but was happy for us to choose short if we felt more comfortable. We've decided to take his advice and actually think that given short didn't work last time it would be go to try something different. Anyone out there with success with long protocol and low amh? It would be good to hear other experiences. Such a minefield and it seems every dr we've seen has a different opinion 😕

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My clinic would suggest long protocol in this scenario, but I don’t have personal experience as such.

Thanks Lizzie

I had the opposite. ..two long protocols both bfn then short protocol bfn also but way more eggs and 3 frosties. have two fets and 2nd one was bfp...not easy decision bit I would go with what they recommend xx

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Thanks Vicky. It's really tough decision, isn't it but I guess changing it up is worth a go. Dr says that if I don't respond well we'll just stop and change protocol. God luck with the pregnancy xxx

I have a low AMH of 6.1 at the age of 31, also I’m not ovulating either and my first round of IVF was the short protocol and I got a BFP and I’m now 18 weeks pregnant. All the best whatever you decide to do and it’s got to be comfortable for you both as IVF is physically and emotionally demanding xx

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That's amazing that it worked first time! Our first cycle on short was a bit of a disaster. Stimmed for 15 days to get 6 eggs and only two fertilised. No blasts and transferred to thin lining. Dr yesterday showed us some stats that we had about a 4% chance of the cycle working. Just wish we knew that at the time and had been able to say, no, don't do transfer. It's so stressful already but putting yourself through 2ww when hopeless. I hope we've made the right decision this time! All the best for your pregnancy xxx

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Tezzabell86 in reply to Ash2016

I had 7 eggs collected and 4 of those were fertilised and only 1 made it to day 5 and that’s the one they transferred on ET day. It is stressful xxx

Hi hun, no experience myself (as you know) but did a bit of research for you and loads of women in your situation (low amh, second round) have been advised the same, long protocol because of lining issues. There are plenty of success stories as well so it's definitely worth a shot. Wishing you the best of luck, and don't forget your pom juice on the run up to transfer 😀 xxx

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Thanks mrs, you're a star xxx

I don’t have direct experience as I have the opposite (high AFC) but I did short protocol for round 1 and had discordant growth (some at the right size but so many were too small) and 8 eggs. For second cycle, they suggested to change protocol, just to see, and had way better response - 18 eggs.

Every body is different but I think of it this way. if the first was a disaster as you say it’s worth changing something to see if it’s better 2nd time round. It is all a bit of trial and error unfortunately. If you do the short protocol again and it’s still the same as before, you’ll kick yourself for not following their advice. If you do the long this time and for whatever reason it’s the same or worse then you know to go back to the short protocol and keep working with that. But there’s also also a good chance it’ll work better for you. Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks lovely. It's good to hear of some positives on the long protocol xxx

I had quite a poor round on short pc & my clinic said the same try long next time . Not sure we are going to try again & if so we will probably go elsewhere but a friend of mine got far more eggs on long so seems worth considering. Keep us posted & good luck xx

Will do Clara. We should be starting mid april so will let you know how we got on x

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