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Hi All,

I was just after some advice. I am due to start my injections on the first day of my next period which will be next week. I just wandered, after I phone the hospital to say I have started my period, what happens? Do i go in and start injections straight away or do I need a internal scan before starting to inject?


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do you have your injections?x


Hi lucy, I have got to collect my injections before I go in for the nurse to show me how to inject



Hi I'm guessing you're doing the short protocol? I started the injections on day 2 of period after having a scan & they did the first I injection with me. Ring them & ask some questions for peace of mind. Don't be worried about 'putting them out' as you are the customer, even if it's NHS funded. Good luck x


Hi, Im on the long protocol, I am to ring on day 1 of my period, then go in and get my injections and have the nurse show me how to inject. Will do thanks :-)

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Hi ditsy999. Hope injecting goes OK. If you find it painful at all, try putting an ice cube on the spot for a while to numb the area. Good luck with the cycle. Diane


I had to ring the clinic on day 1 of my period, then start injections on day 21 (down reg) for almost 3 weeks, then had a scan to check that had worked, then 9 days of stimulation injections then egg collection, 5 days later had embryo transferred. That was long protocol... Its roughly a month from starting injections to embryo transfer.


Hi sorry you said you start injections on day 21 - is this the 2nd day of my period?


no, day 1 of your cycle is day 1 of period (when bleeding starts) so my injections start 20 days later...


Sorry I thought I was starting injections on day 2. Im on a long protocol too. So I start Buserelin injections on day 21 for 2-3 weeks, then have a scan before I start Menopur & Buserelin injections for 9 days right?

Sorry 1st time I am going through this, just just trying to understand all of this

thanks for your help


that's how it was for me and I had long protocol... Some clinics start down reg randomly at any point in your cycle (this happened to my sister in law) but usually its timed with your natural cycle. And yes, I had a scan after buserelin then added in menopur for 9 days (and a couple more scans) before the hcg injection 36 hours prior to egg collection.


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