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IVF starting next week

Hi ladies

Here we go after almost 2 year TTC next week I'm starting IVF and I feel very emotional about :( I can believe we have to do this. I have borderline PCOS I'm not ovulating each month and 3 months ago we had a terrible news about my husband sperm he's got 2% normal sperm, diagnosed with Teratozoospermia. Consultant recommend IVF :(( I'm looking at all this injections on my table and I don't know what to expect... Anyone starting soon?!

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Look at the thread with theblondone as there's a few of us starting soon. I started tablets today to control my period and should start injections on the 22nd June. I've got all my meds and like you keep looking and thinking omg! X


Lots of luck. I remember being emotional the first time round. It's the unknown mixed with excitement. Take it in your stride. And remember to find time to do nice things together! xx


Good luck!!! I'm getting referred by my gynaecologist to the ivf clinic on Friday. Hope your first round goes well. Will you be using ICSI? X

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Hey Geobygeo

I haven't started yet but I am due to start the spray in a few weeks so you will be just ahead of us. This is such an emotional process, we've already had highs and lows, tears and tantrums and also laughter at things we just never thought we would have to consider. My OH has azoospermia (no sperm) and I've got low ovarian reserve so we are a mix.

I think everyone is in the same boat on a journey that we never expected or wanted to be on. I guess all we can do is take each day at a time, try not to overthink and be kind to ourselves.

This forum is amazing too. It's already helped me loads. As already said it looks like there's a few of us starting about the same time. There are also some amazing, strong and brave ladies on here who have experience of the process, kind words and good advice. Take care. Wishing you lots of luck xx



Welcome to the forum!!

Take each day as it comes, laugh, cry and try to have normal time together. Once you start injecting it becomes part of the routine, I was terrified of injecting before my first round and can quite comfortably line up three injections and just go for it now 😊. Use ice when you inject too.

The journey has ups and downs, we are still waiting for it to have a positive outcome for us, but keep believing, you are on the right road and this whole process will make you see what a strong person and couple you are. I can honestly say my husband and I are closer than ever 😊.

We have azoospermia for my hubby and low response which may be ovarian reserve or thyroid related on my side. Xx


I'm going through it for the second time in 2 weeks now and believe me when I say it is no where near a bad as you are imagining. I am here if you have any questions. The needles become routine as do the scans and the worst part is the anxiety but you have to try and keep busy and keep talking to your other half xx


Hi! I just completed a short cycle IVF and I have pcos (wasn't ovulating naturally either)

I have to say I seem to be in the minority who actually found most of it a breeze!

Poss the scare stories had me well prepared and determined to not let it overwhelm me.

The injections will definitely become routine after a few days- watching the videos provided by manufacturers helps also.

I find the more relaxed and trusting you are in the process the better. Try and relax and not overthink it. Take each stage as it comes and do Q the clinic and people on this forum if you're truly stuck!

Good luck xx


I didn't want to read and run. Keep my fingers crossed for a positive cycling xx


Hi all! Just an update... I'm on day 7 on injections and I have started the Cetrotide yesterday and I'm terrified of it :( Next scan is tomorrow and we will decide when will be EC probably beginning of the week as my follicles grows quickly. Fingers crossed and praying 🙏🏻


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