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Your amh results can change, I’m proof

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I just wanted to post this to try give anyone struggling with fertility a little hope and to always, always believe in yourself.

I had my amh tested last July and it came back at 3.3, very low for an age of 32.

I was shocked, confused, upset, and had a huge feeling of fear running through my veins. I spent every day blaming myself, trying to think what I did wrong in my life to damage my fertility.

I was rushed through two back to back rounds of ivf by a doctor who kept telling me I had no time left, I needed donor eggs and there was nothing I could do to make things better for myself.

Both rounds sadly didn’t work out for us.

Again I asked the doctor if there was anything I could do, his reply no not really just take folic acid and vit d was all I needed.

Fast forward 6 months later, where I have focused on being most ultimate healthy I can be, and support from a holistic doctor. I have detoxed my life completely (this includes a long list of toxins in our everyday environments), I’m taking the right supplements for me (which is a lot more than would I was told to take) and I have a eating plan that makes me feel my best self.

I had my amh tested last week and it has gone up to 10.3


And my egg quality is 100 times better.

We are still not trying yet, and I might need ivf again in the future who knows? But I’m making sure my body and mind are 100% ready if I do.

Believe in yourself, be gentle with your bodies, and don’t take no bull s**t from any doctors who talk negatively you. Take the amh results with a pinch of salt and don’t let it define you!

I hope this post gives someone hope, who felt like I did when I got that first amh result.

You got this 🤗

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This post makes me understand that there is hope for me. As I was recently told that my amh is 2.2, I believe someday I will carry my babies. I will never stop trying. Thanks for your post.

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Nmhbaxy in reply to Godofmiracle

Godofmiracle there definitely is hope for you! I have seen so many people who have been blessed with their baby after a low amh result. My post also proves that amh does fluctuate. So I do thinks it’s important you don’t let it define you in your journey. Sending you lots of love and light 🤍✨💫

Amazing!!! Lovely to read this I recently had a low AMH test result and my clinic basically did not want to know me! Decided to get a second opinion and thankfully the new clinic are not so bothered they want to look at me as a person not a test result so for anyone else please do get a second opinion x

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Nmhbaxy in reply to Star241

Star241 I’m so happy to hear you got a second opinion! Some clinics are just shocking with the way they speak to us. It doesn’t help us in our journeys to be told such negative things that aren’t actually true! Wishing you the best of luck in your journey, you got this! ✨🤍

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Star241 in reply to Nmhbaxy

Thank you - this is my second time round and I was so lucky to have a child via IVF when I was 37, however now being 41 the difference in my experience and the brush off I have had is so disappointing so cut my losses and reached out to another clinic they haven’t raised my hopes but sat me down and explained next steps and where to go next so yes to anyone out there please seek other advice if your clinic is not giving you what you need.

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Nmhbaxy in reply to Star241

Congratulations on your first successful round with your first baby ❤️ Are you doing the same protocol? It’s terrible, the way they are. The doctor I’m seeing at the moment, didn’t want babies in her 30s and wanted to wait till she was 40. so she wanted to research and learn about how to preserve women’s fertility. She’s so lovely. It’s so nice when you find a doctor who treats how you expect to be treated, with kindness and understanding. I’m a bit gutted I stuck around for two cycles at the last clinic, but can only thank what I learnt from that experience 😊🤍

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Star241 in reply to Nmhbaxy

Thanks xxx

I am not sure yet I am just waiting to have my FSH and follicle count around my day 4, from there we will decide what would suit me I think.

Wow you have really struck lucky so great to work with someone like that!!

I will keep you posted though xx

Always feels good to know about such stories. Way to go! Enjoy the success ☺️All the best 👍


I am due my ivf cycle soon, within 2 months. My AMH level is 6.7 and have been told it low for a 37 year old. Would you share what supplements you took and what foods u ate. I would like to try improving levels.


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Nmhbaxy in reply to Akhta1

Hello @akhta1 how exciting! Not long now 😊I think amh levels are different county to country. Where are you from?My diet the past 6 months has just been really healthy, cooking everything from scratch, whole grains, lots of veggies, fruit, pulses, beans, lentils, fish, nuts, seeds, cheese & nut milks. No alcohol and no caffeine. No processed food or sugar. I don’t really eat meat but It’s also a good source of protein if you do.

It’s just been the last month a doctor has put me on a “fertility reboot” diet which is very strict. Which includes no dairy, wheat, sugar, low carb high fat. The fertility reboot diet is only recommended to people who want to have a break from trying to sort their body out first.

I think the diet I did before is what helped my amh.

I think you should just stick to fuelling your body with enough nutrients you can.

Supplement wise I took, ubiqunol, ppq, vit d, a good fertility supplement, fish oil and probiotic. I also worked loads on my mental health, doing meditation, gratitude journaling and yoga. I think as long as you find what works for you and keeps you healthy, strong and happy mentally.

Wish you the best of luck in your ivf cycle, message me if you ever need someone to chat to ❤️

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Akhta1 in reply to Nmhbaxy

Thank you that is really helpful.

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Sun09 in reply to Nmhbaxy

Hey, I'm 37 years old with amh levels of 2.8. Recently had my first IVF cycle which failed with no frozen embryos. We had been trying the past 10 years without success. 😔Your post gives hope to improve my levels.

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Nmhbaxy in reply to Sun09

Hey sun09, I’m so happy my post inspires you! It is definitely possible to improve amh and egg quality. I’m so sad you have had such a long fertility journey, but please never give up. I think it was not only my diet but how I have detoxed my life of everyday toxins. We don’t realise how much of our environment is bad for our fertility. I can send you a list of everything I did, as I can’t pinpoint what it was that helped, if you would like? Xx

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Sun09 in reply to Nmhbaxy

Please would love to apply if it helps us.

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Littlepeax in reply to Nmhbaxy

Amazing what you have done. Can I ask which probiotic? This is meant to be really good for you ❤ I'm on Yakult lol but thinking I should take an actual pill 🤔

thank you so much for this. I'm in the same boat, my amh was 1 at 33 and fsh 19. was told menopausal and nothing I could do to change it. told to use donnor eggs and no further treatment. I've been on supplements and lifestyle change. My fsh has changed to 6 and I'm having to pay for amh test as they won't do it, as they say its impossible to get better. Fingers crossed mine does the same x

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Littlepeax in reply to katymcg

Ahh huge good luck.. mine went down then up again. I think it changes monthly xxx

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katymcg in reply to Littlepeax

did they! that's good news! I don't know why I've been told so much that its impossible xxx

Absolutely love this!! Dr's don't always get it right unfortunately ❤ what did you change exactly? Xxx

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