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PCOS - myo inositol question

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Has anyone with PCOS had success using Myo Inositol to regulate their periods (and therefore hopefully ovulate)? If so, how many months did you take it before seeing any improvement and how irregular were your cycles before.

I tried it before but half heartedly - didn’t look much into correct doses etc so didn’t really use it properly. It’s kind of expensive so am wondering if it’s worth trying again. I wouldn’t even consider my periods to have any pattern before so am probably asking too much 😂

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I don't have the answer ( hopefully someone here will😁) but do want to wish you the best and hope you can give your son a sibling 😍 Xx

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Solly-44 in reply to Jess1981

Ah thanks Jess! 💗 Feels exciting/terrifying to be back trying. We have our first appt at the fertility clinic soon but I’ve been warned they have long waiting lists. We’ll obviously be self funding but still doing it through our old NHS clinic because it’s cheaper and they have our embryos etc. So am planning on trying until then. Can’t imagine we’ll have any luck but might as well 🤞🤞🤞

How are you getting on? Xx

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Jess1981 in reply to Solly-44

Ahh I really can relate to that - we debated whether to try again as it had been such a struggle to have Francesca and initially we said we wouldn't try again! But here we are 😜😂 Im 4 weeks pregnant following loss of Amelia and 2 earlier losses. Hoping this is it but very scary at same time 🤞🏻 Been quite a journey to get here 😬 Our issue now is I struggle to stay pregnant miscarriage tests came back all clear so I think it's my age and a numbers game 🤞🏻 Lots of midwives weren't surprised we fell quickly with Amelia unlike Francesca 7 yeas 😱 - they see lots of women struggling to have one but having one and then more! A baby can re boot the system so to speak. 😁 I say in it to win 😁 I will keep everything crossed for you. 🤞🏻Xx

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Solly-44 in reply to Jess1981

Oh Jess that’s amazing news, congratulations 🥳 I did know about Amelia and your other losses 💗 but hadn’t realised you’re currently pregnant. I can only imagine how scary it must be but like you say in it to win it, will be keeping everything crossed for you xx

Hello, I do not have direct experience because I do not have PCOS, but I can report my friend's experience. She started inositol many years ago ( I think about 8) when she was diagnosed with PCOS and this has proved to be hugely beneficial for her periods, including her premenstrual syndrome . As a result of PCOS she also had small ovarian cysts which have now disappeared. She has never stopped inositol since then.

However, you do not need to wait so long to have benefits, I think the minimum amount of time is 3 months. Also the dose is important. She has been on 4000mg per day.

Hope it helps. X

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Solly-44 in reply to Miracolo2

Amazing, that’s really helpful thanks! X

Hi lovely!! No advice I'm afraid but just wanted to say hi!Hope you're doing well xxx

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Solly-44 in reply to Millbanks

Hello love! Nice to see you again (so to speak 😊) Hope you’re doing well too! Xxx

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Millbanks in reply to Solly-44

Haha right!? Still here love, on to transfer number 6 (hopefully!!) throwing everything at it this time xx

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Solly-44 in reply to Millbanks

Oof, please be the one! 🙏🤞Loads of luck xx

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Millbanks in reply to Solly-44

Thanks lovely!! Hoping so - running out of steam...... best of luck to you for number 2! xxx

Hi lovely, myo-inositol is definitely worth a shot. There’s a lot of solid research out there that has demonstrated its effects on regulating cycles and ovulation.

The recommended dose is 2000mg twice per day on an empty stomach. Lots of women start ovulating on their very next cycle after starting it, but for some it can take up to 3 months. Inofolic Alpha is a really good brand xx

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Solly-44 in reply to soccerkt6

Amazing, thank you! Really good to know xx

Yes I have PCOS and myo inositol massively helped regulate and shorten my cycles. It worked wonders to be honest. I take the nature’s best powder one, 4 scoops in water morning and evening. Highly recommend it. According to temp charting I was ovulating every month didn’t manage to get pregnant but regular ovulation was a massive achievement for me 👍🏻

Thanks lovely - I’m definitely going to try some! X

I have really bad pcos and take it along with metformin. I’d definitely recommend inofic but it is pricey 😳 I don’t have issues with my cycle, I’m regular at 28 days, bang on so I can’t advise on that but lots of good research about it helping! Good luck xxx

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Thank youuuuu! It is pricey but worth a go I guess! Xx

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Definitely worth a try, there’s so many good reviews! Xx

Hi Solly I think we are in similar situations and were pregnant at similar times. I am hoping to try again soon, just waiting for my appointment with my previous nhs clinic too. I recently bought 3 months of inofolic alpha. I felt the same as you, I was unsure but thought it’s worth a shot given the research. I do sometimes forget to take it twice a day. I started it mid way through my last cycle and was really pleased when it lasted 30 days, given that the month before it was 36 days! Happy to update you and wish you good luck with it all!!

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Solly-44 in reply to Trying1234

Yeah I think you’re right. I’m going to buy a 3 months supply after reading all the feedback here and some reviews. Worth a try right? Loads of luck with trying again! 🤞🤞🤞 xx

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