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Weight gain on hormones?

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Hi all, I've had three frozen FETs in six months (1 miscarriage, 2 unsuccessful) with Progynova, Utrogestan & Lubion. My eating and exercise habits haven't changed yet I've put on almost 4kg (8 pounds) which isn't shifting. Has anyone else experienced this? Not great feeling like a massive blimp, especially with no pregnancy to show for it!

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Oh the same happened to me! During the first lock down i managed to lose a stone but since then I’ve had 2 cycles (one MMC at 8weeks) and am now half way through a FET and I’ve but almost all of it back on. I have comfort ate a bit but I did increase the exercise to compensate! I feel your pain. Xxx

Same! Lost a stone during the first lockdown which I've also put back on now. It's hard not to comfort eat! But like you I compensate by exercising more or eating less the next day. Makes no difference to my weight though. Maddening.

So frustrating! At least we know we aren’t alone. Bloody hormones! I just keep thinking if I didn’t exercise I would prob weigh so much more! Xx

Be kind to yourself too. That’s what my husband says when I moan to him about my weight 😘🤩🤗

Your husband sounds like a wise man. He's right! We are putting our bodies through a lot so it's expected they'll be a bit confused. It is good to feel we're not alone, I feel comforted by that enormously! Sending lots of luck your way for your current FET, I hope it's positive! ❤ XXX

I feel you im the exact same failed ivf start of march up 9 lbs and im working out daily and strict diet and the scales are not moving but I've been told it will come off eventually just keep at it x but im starting lucky round 2 ivf icsi end of May so I hope it shifts.Best of luck with all x

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AFoxcraft in reply to CarolN2020

So good to know I'm not the only one! These hormones wreck havoc on our poor bodies. Thank you, and best of luck to you too! Xx

I put on loads but it dropped off again a couple of months after the cycle... Just in time for the next cycle 😂

This is so me! I am doing 3 back to back cycles of embryo banking. I have approximately 1 month in between and noticed that once I have lost the weight from one cycle, it’s time to start the next 😔

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HemBella in reply to Zebedee1971

Yes me too. It's so frustrating. But between each cycle I try like crazy to lose what I can. And just as it starts shifting it's time for the next cycle!

I feel your pain 😩😩 I’m currently in the TWW and it plays on my mind that I’m not exercising as I usually do. And I’m a nervous eater so all I’m doing is snacking and nibbling - all good foods but still the calories mount up!!

This process is so draining on all points and as you said you wouldn’t mind if there was a baby to show for it 😩😩

Hopefully will all be worth it in the end xxx

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CarolN2020 in reply to Hope752

Best of luck on the TWW for me that was the hardest part I didn't stop eating hope you get your miracle 🙏 🙌 ❤

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Hope752 in reply to CarolN2020

Thanks lovely 🤞✨🥰

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AFoxcraft in reply to Hope752

Aww it's okay - I think you're definitely entitled to be a nervous eater right now. I'm crossing everything for you that you have some good news 😀

Defo weight gain with ivf hormone overload! My eating patterns haven’t changed much, I’m eating more fruit and running yet ..... I’m at least half a stone or more than when I started and it’s not shifting! Three sets of injection stims and two FET cycles of hormones in past year and half..... so I’d say you’re normal and don’t beat yourself up too much. Your body is working over time! Another part of the process 😘💐

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AFoxcraft in reply to RhinoCat

Thank you love, so reassuring to hear many of us are in the same boat. The process makes you feel pretty bad about yourself anyway - so brutal on body and mind. The weight gain is the last thing we need but... needs must. And if it gets us some babies in the end, being a bit on the large side ain't gonna bother me! Xxx

I hear you. Me too. All the hormones, especially estrogen- I’ve just been reading up on detoxing after IVF, doing juicing with lots of veggies... no solid good will also help slim down. ... and also intermittent water fasting. Leave 15 hrs of so between dinner and lunch or skip dinner and just drink water. Our body goes into repair mode and clears out dead cell debris. It doesn’t have a chance if we keep eating. This helps reduce inflammation 😘

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Stewalau in reply to FertileMind

I did this too after my IVF cycle and miscarriage at 11.5 weeks. This really worked to shift the weight. Highly recommended.

Yes I’ve been off meds since our failed transfer at end of feb. Calorie counting and in a huge deficit every day and no change on the scales. Really gets me down some days and I’m about to start it all again so worried I will gain even more 😞

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AFoxcraft in reply to SMMW

Yes, my last failed cycle was a month ago and since then I've not shifted a thing despite calorie counting and loads of walking and hiking. Also skip breakfast sometimes and hydrate loads. A recent blood test showed some issues which need to be addressed before I go on my next cycle so I'm hoping I lose some weight before then... otherwise I'm gonna be a walking beachball!

Same here sadly too. I got down to 8 stone 12 for my wedding in Nov 19 then got immediately pregnant which resulted in a MMC and various complications and never really lost all of the weight gain resulting from the pregnancy and the being pretty immobile following the ERPC before then starting first IVF in October which failed and resulted in weight gain, followed by another IVF with progynova and provera in Januaru and another in late March/ early April (and currently in the 2ww). I have found High Intensity Interval Training (via Zoom during lockdown) really helpful to lose some weight between cycles but have been advised not to do HIIT while doing stimulation or for a while after egg collection and also not during 2ww so it is like a roller coaster of lose a bit, put a whole load more on. I just console myself with a) I am still not over the BMI for my height b) the goal here is a baby and looking thin has to play second fiddle to that c) the consultant says it's good to have some fat to help with the reproductive process d) I can lose it all again when I get off this merry-go-round and at least I know HIIT works for that e) it would be a bad idea to try to diet in the current situation - better to eat things like avocado, nuts, olive oil, some oily fish etc which although fatty are really good for me. I hope this helps for you too xx

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AFoxcraft in reply to Koala365

All very wise thoughts and advice, thank you. I agree with you about not putting too much pressure on ourselves to lose weight currently - we certainly have bigger fish to fry in terms of the current global situation and our ongoing fertility journeys. Plenty of time for weight loss after we've hopefully had our babies!! Good luck to you!! Xx

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Koala365 in reply to AFoxcraft

Thank you! All the best to you too X

Same story this end. I’ve had two fresh cycles and one frozen (currently working my way through FET #2) and have definitely gained weight. Not sure how much as I refuse to hit the scales!! As you say, it’s really disheartening to gain weight and see your body change when you don’t have a pregnancy or baby to show for it. Bloody IVF!! I am trying to view my weight gain as a sign of my strength. Our bodies changing show the lengths we have gone to and the fight we are willing to put up! 💪🏽 Be proud and soldier forth! xxx

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AFoxcraft in reply to anz07

I love this mindset!!! Thank you. I agree, we need to be very kind to ourselves. Our poor bodies are being put through so much. Xxx

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Koala365 in reply to anz07

I really like your thinking on this. I also haven't been near the scales as I don't want to know just how much I have put on but I know from the tightness of my clothes that I have gained weight! All the best to you with everything going forward!

Yes! I have been doing IVF for over 3 years and had 6 fresh rounds. I put on about 10lbs in total.

Since January I started dieting and exercising even more, and havent had any more rounds and I have lost a stone and a half. So it will come off I promise. I think the drugs just make our metabolisms a lot slower and it takes some time to get them out of our system

Hopefully you will get your BFP and it won't matter anyway! x

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AFoxcraft in reply to Daisy1245

100%!!!! Thank you, I'm relieved to hear this. I hope you have some good news of your own too. Xxx

I hear you! Same here... eating so many greens I’m surprised I’ve not turned green lol. Water by the bucket load and it’s still creeping on 😩. Disheartened to gain when not for a reason. Xx

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AFoxcraft in reply to Miracle43

We'll come right again, I have faith, as long as we keep ourselves healthy. Xxx

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