Is weight gain common?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there had put on a tonne on weight in the injection cycle? I am trying to exercise and eat well but it's getting me down how much I have exoanded in 10days. My egg collection is tomorrow (1st cycle) so am hoping some bloating may go after that. Does anyone out there have any tips as I am puffing up like a balloon!! X

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  • Hi i put on quite a bit of weight during stimms and put on abit more after EC i didnt take long after i had recovered for the weight to settle back down so i wouldnt worry too much, all the best with your EC tomorrow x

  • Thank you! X

  • Hello

    I put on about 5lbs during or round of IVF. I felt bloated and that I looked about 3 months pregnant (oh, the irony!). I felt quite self conscious at the time.

    That said, we were extremely fortunate that our first round of IVF worked and I lost that 5lbs with the bout of morning sickness that followed πŸ™ˆ

    Good luck! Here's hoping your cycle ends with 9 more months of weight gain! x

  • I put on about 9lbs during injections! As the treatment worked I never lost it. I put on over a stone and half in 1st trimester but only 7lbs in the last 2 (due in 3 weeks). Having said that I really couldn't care less! Good luck with your cycle. Either way your weight will sort itself out. Good luck chick xxxx

  • I put on 7lbs during stims it didn't work then put on a stone!!πŸ˜– (Christmas didn't help) Now trying to loose it 7lb off so far!!

  • Hey! I also put on quite a bit of weight during stims which worried me but thankfully the nurses reassured me it was normal! (They weighted me in front of BF too) lol oh I felt like I right fatty!πŸ˜‚

    But thanks as the previous comments I feel on the first round and actually lost a stone due to wonderful morning sickness (not complaining) and actually weigh less now that this time last year while being 6mths pregnant! 😜

    I wouldn't worry bout it have some cake! U got an excuse after all!!

    Good luck with ur stims lots of baby dust πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ xx

  • Hi! I did put some weight on too. I don't know exactly how many kg,I would say about 3,4 kg. I started the second cycle on December and I think the holidays contributed as well. But this is my last problem now. I know it is important to stay healthy and I am trying to eat right . It is all for a nobil cause and if the result it is positive it is so much worth.

    Goodluck everyone! Xx

  • Yes it definitely increases weight but half of it may be bloating too. I felt so bloated for a few weeks after the first cycle stims but it settled down and then it wasn't such a problem during the frozen cycle I had. Lots of water helps.

    Best wishes, xxx

  • Sure bloody is I gained and now still trying to loose but have had 3 cycles within. Year and half

  • Thank you everyone. It can be a lonely process and hard to know what are common changes to the body etc xxx

  • I added about 5-6KG and I looked very pregnant. I even got people offering me their sits on the!

    Dr says it will take a bit of time to loose the never get told that when start the treatment...

  • Hi

    I gained a lot of weight during treatment - try not to worry about it, it will come off again.I was lucky and IVF worked for us and I lost weight during he first few weeks of pregnancy.

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