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How many frozen Embryos to transfer?

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First time posting.

Had 4 x grade 4aa embryos frozen. Fresh grade 4aa has just failed to implant. Clinic want to transfer 1 frozen embryo next time but we would like 2.

Anyone been through this before?

We had 2 transferred on our NHS cycle 5 years ago and 1 made it to a live birth. The NHS didn’t tell us what grade they were though.

Has anyone had embryos damaged through the thawing process?

Any information would be much appreciated

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Our clinic always transfer two for a frozen cycle, 2 for 2/3day fresh transfers and will only transfer 1 blastocyst for a fresh. Every clinic seems different. For me I've had:

1 fresh blast = BFN

1 2day fresh transfer= BFP. Little boy born.

2 frozen blasts = BFP= MC.

Doesn't seem to be any rules with it and every embryo has a chance but if you want 2 you can push for it. All the best.


Thanks for your reply. I’m really wanting to push for the 2. Surely if we are the ones paying for it it should be our decision.

Only thing I’m concerned about are the embryos splitting.

I’ve read lots of posts and studies online and only seem to have read about 1 embryo splitting in a double embryo transfer resulting in triplets.

I can’t seem to get much information on embryos splitting after transfer?

My clinic refused to transfer 2x aa grade blastocysts. We transferred a day 6 4bb and a day 5 5ba and had twins. Transferring 2 top grade means very likely to have twins so only do it if you can physically and financially cope with multiples

Thanks for the reply. My clinic said they’d like to just transfer the 1 this time and if this one doesn’t work then they will start doing double embryo transfers next time. I don’t see the difference in doing it now or next time, they’ll still be the same grade. I’ve just turned 39 but if I was 40 then they would do double transfers. Our fresh transfer was the best of the bunch and that didn’t implant, so I feel like there is no way of knowing if a top grade will work once transferred. The clinic gave us such positive information with our fresh transfer so we are devastated it didn’t work. Is using frozen better than fresh do you think?

I think I agree with your clinic to try one more only 1 embryo and double if that doesn’t work. Unless financially not possible I would follow their guidance to avoid twins. Specially since you already have a kid. If you have complications during pregnancy, even minor ones that can be managed, may keep you from being able to take care of the other child, work, house etc...

looks like you will be successful at the end, it’s about when!

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Franfran82 in reply to BBHH1

Thanks for the reply. It’s a lot to think about and yes cost is definitely playing a part in our decision

I’ve had two failed IVF transfers, 1x fresh (5AA hatching blastocyst) and 1x frozen (4AA). I’m now 6dp5dt with 2x 3AB blastocysts - I’m 31. To begin with, my consultant didn’t agree with transferring two but given it was my third transfer, she suggested we try it.

Had my consultant not suggested it, we probably would have transferred one again but I’m glad we’ve gone with two now. We are fully aware of the potential of a twin pregnancy, however given I’ve had two failed transfers already I was more doing this to increase the odds of at least one implanting. That said, I’d also be happy with twins! Xx

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Franfran82 in reply to XOXO13

Thanks. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. Good luck with your test date x

I transferred two frozen 5AA embryos and fell pregnant with 1 baby! We also used embryo glue, not sure if it helped but they said it can increase chances by 10 % so thought we may as well.

Good luck xx

Thanks for your reply. It does confirm they can’t tell even with a top grade embryo if it’s going to stick. My clinic use the glue as part of the process anyway.

The idea of twins isn’t an issue. I’d just be happy with whatever nature provides me with :-)

Congratulations on your pregnancy x

I think the best success rates are for multiple single transfers, as if one embryo fails it can cause a good to one to fail, too. I had to decide between double transfer or pgs testing last cycle. We went for pgs testing and two out of three day 5 embryos deteriorated before they were ready for biopsy. The embryologist said it was good we hadn't transferred 2 as it would have deteriorated in the womb and could have caused the good one to fail. I'm 7 weeks pregnant now. My reason for considering double was that I couldn't face multiple failed transfers. I definitely didn't want twins!

Thanks for your reply. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

It’s a really tough decision!

I’ve had a few different outcomes.

1st cycle only one embryo to transfer, miscarriage at 12 weeks.

2nd cycle two transferred and 1 made it to full term baby with no complications (daughter is now 5)

3rd cycle one transferred and didn’t implant.

So now we’re waiting for FET.

I think it’s really hard to tell what’s going to happen once they’ve been transferred.

I don’t think i can go through several failed single transfers. And then I’d think ‘what if I’d transferred more’. Or if I do DET I’d be thinking I should have transferred less.

It's really tough, and every failed transfer takes its toll. I had 3 failed and I was really reaching my limits. I also have a 5 year old, conceived naturally. Good luck whatever you decide. X

my clinic (and 3 others in the uk) said they would only ever transfer 1 as our frozen embryos were always going to be under the age of 40 as I was 35 when they were frozen. the risk with losing twins and or having issues is considered too high and one failed blastocyst could cause the other to fail too - so best chances for a healthy live birth outcome are doing singles each time.

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Franfran82 in reply to tellthem

Thanks. My clinic have said they’d expect 50% of my embryos to result in pregnancy.

So they are happy to transfer 1 this time and if it fails then they’ll do 2.

That means 2 out of 5 would have failed. Surely that’s more likely to result in a multiple pregnancy.

I’ve had a DET with only 1 developing, the one which failed didn’t even cause me to bleed.

It is then just the risk if I were to get pregnant with twins.

Definitely a massive decision to make

I’m having my first double transfer (which is my fourth) this month. The clinic are only allowing it because both embryos are low grade. My understanding is that the chance of success is very marginally increased if both embryos are of the same quality. However, if one is lower quality than the other, as others have said, it can reduce the chance of success. Good luck! xx

I transferred 2 after my second failed cycle and it worked. Talk to ur clinic about your options.

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Franfran82 in reply to Cinna-mom

My clinic want to do 1 this time then 2 if it fails. How many worked of the 2 transferred? We’re they both the same grade? We’re they fresh or frozen?

Sorry for lots of questions.

Emotionally, physically and financially I think I’m ready to try the 2 !

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