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Frozen Cycle - number of embies to transfer


Hi All

So after our failed fresh cycle in May, we have one more shot on the NHS using our frozen embryo. We have 2 grade 5BB embies in the freezer and our follow up consultation in June to discuss next steps.

Given that this is our last attempt on the NHS I am minded to try and push them to allow us to transfer both in one go as they are not AA quality and the last transfer didn't work. I know that the NHS are usually reluctant to do a double transfer but I have heard of friends in other clinics being offered this on the NHS with the same grade embryos as me.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or any advice on how I can get them to agree to this? Xxx

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I’m in a similar position - I have my follow up appointment later today.

I know my dr is reluctant to transfer 2 but has said ultimately it’s our choice so I’m determined to push for it.

I think a lot of it depends on your clinic and your age. I’m 37 and my place is only willing to transfer 2 if you’re over 35. Good luck xx

Bali88 in reply to Solly-44

On thanks. Is it an NHS clinic? I am 31 so I doubt they will let me but I will try and insist as my friend was around 32 and they still let her! Let me know how it goes xx

Solly-44 in reply to Bali88

Yeah mine is NHS but I know they vary so that could well just be my hospitals policy - hopefully different at yours.

I think if there’s no specific reason why you can’t, it’s your body, your embryos and as far as I’m concerned should be your choice so long as they explain any risks fully. I will let you know what they say xx

Solly-44 in reply to Bali88

So just to update, today we saw a different dr and he said an outright no to us transferring 2!

Bali88 in reply to Solly-44

Oh no! What was their reason? Any chance you can push for it? X

Solly-44 in reply to Bali88

Nope, we saw the head of the department and he just steamrollered the idea! Hopefully you have more luck if you decide to go for that option x

I’m 30 and I was allowed to transfer two after one failed cycle and one miscarriage. I spoke to two consultants, one who actually recommended it, and one who tried to persuade me against. We looked at all the evidence and decided to transfer two. Chemical pregnancy unfortunately. I have two c grade embryos left and my consultant didn’t even question putting two back this time. I hope you get the treatment plan you want x

Thanks that is really helpful! Was that on NHS? Xx

No it was private unfortunately. Have a look at the nice guidelines for embryo transfer and see if you match them. If you do then you can use that in conversation with your NHS doctor x

Ok thanks! X

Hi lovely, I've just got a BFP after transferring 2 embryos, 1 5BA and 1 4AB so both good quality. I'm only 30 and have had one successful fresh transfer that sadly ended in MC. My clinic didn't really give me much choice, they pretty much told me they would transfer 2. Now that I'm pregnant my chances for twins are high at around 35% but I'm just thrilled to be pregnant at all. Sometimes though, transferring two doesn't actually increase your chances of a viable pregnancy. I know it's frustrating but they are experts at the clinic and wouldn't stop you transferring 2 unless they really think it won't increase your chances of pregnancy x

Bali88 in reply to Kitcat12

Amazing news, so happy for you. That is interesting to know, was your treatment with the NHS? Xx

Kitcat12 in reply to Bali88

Yes, NHS! I have 2 left in the freezer in case anything goes wrong again this time and they were quite clear that they would transfer both together again if we need to go again. Can I ask what you are entitled to? It seems odd that they wouldn't let you have all the frozen transfers until all your embryos are used up. Thought that was standard procedure.

I just had 2 A’s transferred and I’m 33. I’ve had 2 negative transfers. My clinic were ok about transferring too but just kept repeating the risks to me. I think they are just covering their backs x

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