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Frozen transfer


Hi I'm just looking for a bit of info, I live in Scotland and having NHS treatment at the moment, we are entitled to two cycles of ivf on the NHS, i recently had a cycle resulting in a BFN, we have 5 frozen embryos, just waiting on my period coming to get booked in for a frozen transfer, does a frozen transfer count as cycle number two or is that part of cycle number one? Thanks

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I think it depends on the clinic as my clinic counts it as another cycle but I’ve read other ladies who FET are counted as part of their fresh cycle x

NB610 in reply to E_05

Thank you xx

so sorry for your bfn...5 frosties is good though and good news is it's part of cycle do know in Scotland you now entitled to 3 rounds on nhs too?xx

NB610 in reply to vic77

That's great thanks for your reply! I think I'm only entitled to 2 cycles because I was referred to the hospital before April 2017 😐 Xx

vic77 in reply to NB610

Aww yeah 2 still good though and 5 Frosties 😀Xxx

At my clinic it's part of cycle 1, as I think it is in most clinics but it does depend on where you are & I'm not sure about Scotland x

NB610 in reply to hannahi

Thank you for tge reply xx

Part of cycle one in Scotland!!xx

NB610 in reply to Cinderella5

Fab thank you xx

Hello dear, it's a pleasure to read you. I hope you are well. I think that determining which cycle the transfer belongs to depends on the clinic. In my opinion, this transfer corresponds to cycle 1.

The most important thing about all this is that you will do after the transfer so you can have the success you want. Here are some tips that I hope will help you. Good luck with your treatment.

-Rest: after the moment of embryo transfer, you should save a half-hour rest in the clinic. After these waiting minutes in the center, the patient returns home and continues with her normal life. It is advisable to avoid great physical efforts such as intense sports or lifting excessive weights, but otherwise you can continue with your routine activities.

- Daily activities: except for the abrupt activities, after the embryo transfer, life goes on and the daily activities such as going out, walking, driving and even working can be done without any problem.

-Beverage a lot of liquid: it is always highly recommended to drink plenty of fluid, observing that urination is normal and, as far as possible, restricting salt intake.

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