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Bloating and gas - 10 weeks pregnant.

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Hi all,

TMI but my biggest symptom at the moment is massive bloating and gas 😒 😒😒. I’m eating 99% healthy and have googled so much on what to do etc. Eg. Eat smaller portions, drink more fluids, eat more fiber etc. I’m positive I’m doing all of this anyway and having a very balanced diet; but still as soon as I open my mouth in the morning the bloating and gas begins.

I’ve just started drinking fybogel (day 3 today) and it hasn’t really helped so far (but the box does say allow 3 days for it to start working...).

Meds wise I’m on 3x vaginal pessaries, 3 x progynova and shot of lubion a day..

Has there been anything that has helped you with bloating and gas?

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No solutions, but I’m right there with you!! 9wk6 and similar drugs xxx

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Hannakallas in reply to McrLass

I’ll let you know if that fybogel helps :)! Expecting to wake up like a new person tomorrow, haha! Xx

Don’t expect much from fybogel, it takes a week or so to start ‘working’ 😉

Great, haha! And then I guess you’d have to keep drinking it all the time 😒..

Yep! One in the morning, one in the evening after at least 250ml of water 😩I did a course of 15 days and helped a little....was expecting more though...Nevermind. Got more sachets ready 😂😂😂x

You might notice an improvement when you stop the progesterone, which won't be long now. I was definitely less bloated afterwards xxx

When you come off the progesterone in a few weeks it should ease a little for the 2nd trimester.... it does like to come back in the 3rd though 😉 wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

You say you have a good diet? Unfortunately the question is what is good for you?My experience is, no gluten, no lactose. No mushrooms. NO Bananas! Cut down on sugar, no fizzy drinks, no beer or wine.

Yes Febrogel Merbriven is the 1 to buy! Everyday take it, at 1st you find more bloating. Up your water intake. Eat plenty of fruit. Perhaps try a soluble fibre diet. Bananas, Advocados and Mushrooms can I flame the gut as can soya, its in lots of cakes and Chocolate products. Eat less meat, Very smaller meals but more meals, 6 times a day, keep the stomach and bowel moving.

Its taken me 20yrs to get on top the pain and swelling tummy.

Changing your eating habits hardest part!

Good Luck!


Hi Josandy,Thank you for your response. I guess by good diet I mean that I eat a very balanced meal. Glad to hear you’ve managed to get on top of it - but I’ll definitely start following your advise xx

Try it and see!!!❤️

Are you eating a lot of fruits and vegetables? They cause gas. Fiber supplements also cause gas. You can take Gas x, if you have it there.

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