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Uuurrrrmmmmm?! Poss sensitive?!

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Ok so I'm very confused. I'm between my ivf rounds .first fresh failed about 2 months ago. Meant to be starting frozen cycle next week.

I don't know what made me take an opk yesterday really, I'm very very bloated nd have had a terrible cold the past few days. anyway it was positive. Took pregnancy test this morning which is also positive. I think ovulated about 16th.

But here's the thing before I get excited...I dont think I'm pregnant, in fact I had convinced myself before this I was going through perimenopause.

I dont have regular periods anymore. No cm etc ( I have really really low AMH)

I also dont feel pregnant in any way, no sore boobs, no nausea, not tired. Also I'm dry down there like the Sahara ( the last time I was pregnant I knew because of the discharge ( sorry) this ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks nearly a year ago today.

Is there any chance you can get false positives by going through perimenopause..I'm sorry you all must think I'm crazy!

It just would have had to be an immaculate conception as the consultant basically said we cant get pregnant naturally due to hubby's terrible sperm.

And I've probably not done myself any favours by having a awful cold and tickly cough recently!

I'm really confused!

Thanks all 😘 xxx

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Hello Lovely!

That is a def positive I don’t think a false positive will be that clear!

Enjoy & wishing you a healthy pregnancy! Anything is possible!! 😘😘😘

Thanks lovely, l'm going to get a less sensitive test and put it to the test! Xx

Oh Wow, this is amazing! There's nothing you have said that would make me say false positive. Will you call the clinic for a blood test? 🀞🀞

Thanks lovely, I'm a bit scared they wont see me as not an ivf pregnancy :-/ ..fingers crossed they do! Xxx

Wow! That definitely looks positive. Try a second test and then give your clinic a call? They could do bloods and give you more reassurance/confirmation. x

Thanks lovely, I'm going to get a less sensitive test and see what that says. I'm still really shocked tbh! Not sure our clinic will see me as not an ivf pregnancy :-/ xx

Might see you if you offer them money for blood tests? OR you could go to your GP and try to get it that way. Let them know it's completely unexpected and you need reassurance. x

I got pregnant naturally after a failed transfer and before I was due to start a FET. Unfortunately mine ended in miscarriage/suspected ectopic but it can happen! I found out I was pregnant with my daughter the day I was due to start IVF medication a few years ago.

Just on the symptoms and discharge front - I’m having twins and don’t have either x

Thanks lovely, and so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm scared to tell the clinic as last time they discharged us as it wasnt an ivf preg. We then had to fight to be taken back after the miscarriage after the receptionist said we had to start at the beginning again and be referred again. We obviously fought against this.

I'm nervous if this goes the same way there will be a massive delay again to have the fet. On another note, will the ivf clinic even give me a blood test do you think with it being a natural pregnancy?

Wishing you all the luck with your pregnancy xxx

Is this an NHS clinic? My private clinic was fantastic when I found myself pregnant naturally and proscribed all the medication they would have given in an IVF transfer eg clexane and cyclogest but I imagine an NHS clinic wouldn’t be as supportive?

I’d do a clearblue digital with weeks for confirmation? Lots of private places around me do hcg blood tests for a fee? I’d have a look and see if you can find one x

Hi, it was an nhs round but the clinic is also private if that makes sense

..can I ask, you mention cyclogest. I have some left from my failed round..should I take it on the off chance it helps makes little one sticky? I bled really early on my failed fresh ivf prob due to low progesterone.

Getting clearblue today


If it was me I’d probably take the cyclogest - when I conceived naturally I started taking it at about 11DPO when I got the BFP and the clinic were supportive of that x

Thanks lovely, should I take same dose as I was on for the IVF fresh transfer? 2x 400 every night xx

Jols in reply to kathgibson22

Hi Kath, why don't you do a medicheck test you can check if your HCG levels are doubling, do 1 test and then another 2 days later so you can see if the pregnancy is progressing. So you wouldn't have to tell the clinic until you know for sure that you are pregnant and all is in order.

Well done, that's great news. Think I'm at the same clinic as you. If you have your frozen cycle scheduled to start next week, then I guess the clinic will have to know sooner or later. Hopefully they will be supportive. In the meantime - enjoy πŸ’–πŸ’–

Thanks hun, I'm still in shock tbh. Cant get excited yet after the last time and sadly didnt have a great experience with one of the receptionist after my miscarriage. I'm going to call on monday if still showing as positive. Sending you all the luck for your FET xx

Wow that's amazing, a very clear definite line there! xx

Thanks lovely, still very much in shock! Xx

I agree with everyone here, I don't think I've seen a more positive test! Sounds like a little mirracle to me, good luck!!! x

Thanks lovely, wishing you all the luck and baby dust to you too xx

Definitely a positive! Don't get false positives hun. See if your clinic would maybe do bloods. Congratulations, if it makes you feel any better Im now 8wks with twins and feel pretty normal.xx

Thats absolutely amazing news! I am so happy to hear this I really am. What a lovely start to my day, 3 little miracles x

Thanks Lisa!xx

Thanks lovely, still so shocked! Getting a clear blue to try later. And obviously like us all darent get my Hope's up or excited yet! Still over the moon for you and your two little miracles. Wishing you the best for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

Thanks lovely! Doesn't feel real at all! Hoping this is your lucky break!xx

Wow! I hope and think it is a positive. Never had such a strong line in the early days ! I would ring your clinic or gp though maybe they can refer you to the epu as a high risk pregnancy? So they can do bloods? Xxxx

Thanks lovely, that's such a good idea, thank you! Xxx

Definitely positive. A sign from god. Sending you so much love and wishes xxx

kathgibson22 in reply to Amy1122

Thank you so much, yes I really think it is! Xx

Congratulations 🌈

Thank you lovely xx

I love it when this happens πŸ₯°

Thank you lovely thinking about you also and sending you all the luck and baby dust in the world . Xxx

Hi lovely, really hoping this is a real positive for you!! I would definitely get a blood test asap. The GP should actually offer you a beta with your story as well so you could try that route xx

kathgibson22 in reply to Chel91

Thanks lovely , phoning clinic soon so fingers crossed! Xx

Congratulations! πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ€ xx

Thank you! Xx

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