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Early scan, large clot and empty sac


Hi lovely ladies

What a day, this road to making a baby is such a difficult one!

Clinging to some hope her even though I know myself there is none!

Would be 6weeks pregnant Tomoro following 5day fresh transfer on 11th July.

Woke this morning to have gush of blood.

Attended clinic to have scan carried, to see large clot which was causing bleeding. And an empty sac. No bleeding since attend agin for repeat scan next Friday.

Feeling the lowest of the low, this was our 8th cycle.

Hope there are some of you experiencing happy times!

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I’m so sorry Mags. Big hugs to you. I’m not sure what to say really but wanted to show my support.

Oh Mags, that sounds horrible. Do they hold out any hope of the sac containing anything at next scan? I guess they must think there’s a chance or why make you repeat it next Friday? xx

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Well dr emphasised to us not to hold out hope, to prepare for a heavy bleed and hopefully a natural miscarriage will occur.

Ofcourse I came home and researched on google and came across a few stories of hope of ppl returning for second scan to find heartbeat!

How I wish I would stay away from google but it is so difficult.

Hope you are all doing ok on your journeys. x

Really sorry to, read this hun. Such a heartbreaking journey. Hope you have, lots of support around you, big hugs,😘💝

Really sorry to hear this xx

I feel so sad reading your post and just want to say I am really sorry. I'm thinking about you and there if you need a chat. X

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Thank you for your good wishes!

Enjoy your little bundle of joy x

I read a huge amount about sacs when I went through similar earlier this year. I really hope your miracle happens and perhaps the sac wasn't too visible due to the cyst. Fingers crossed you see your miracle next week xxx

Oh so cruel what torture- I hope the week passes quickly and you get your miracle x

So sorry to hear this. Is so hard and unfair a. Take care xx

Oh no I'm so sorry x

I'm so, so sorry. What a horrible journey you are having :( . Sending you huge hugs and lots of love xxx


So ladies I have just had the week from hell, worried sick!! Had no more bleeding but had prepared myself for a d&c.

We attended clinic for repeat scan and to hear our options!!!

And to our shock....we seen our little bean, and the heartbeat!!!

We are still in total shock!

A little miracle....and I hope you’ll all have yours too. Early days but doc reassured me all looks well, at 7 weeks!

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Fantastic news lovely 😘💝

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This is amazing news 💕 I’m so happy for you xxx

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Great news 😊 so pleased for you! Congratulations xxxxx

I cant believe it, im so happy for you and so glad just read your post from top to bottom and my heart broke. Wish you lots of love and success xxxx

Just seen this update..amazing news..congratulations! xo

Great news congratulations xx

Amazing and lovely news, congratulations and wish youa happy and healthy pregnancy here on in xxx


Thanks everyone, we still can’t believe it to be honest! Definitely a little miracle in there💗

Oh wow what wonderful news that is one special little baby such a shame you had all that worry but hoping for a smooth pregnancy now xx

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Thanks so much x

No way! That’s amazing! Hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes well xx

Wow this has made my day....8 times wow! I've done three and just dreading end of 2 ww! Having eggs out again on Thursday...was so ill the first time...! Trying to be more positive...!

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