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4 weeks post embryo transfer a few hours of bleeding, no gestation sac on scan



i have posted a few times i have just had my 5th embryo transfer 4 weeks ago tomorrow i would be 6 weeks now i think. i had a bleed Monday it was heavy lasted about 2 hours then it stopped. I did bleed for the first 11 weeks of my previous pregnacy, also an ivf pregnacy which ended in stillbirth at 34weeks. My clinic and local hospital wouldnt scan me because of covid policy's unless they suspect ectopic, so i paid for a privet scan yesterday.

The woman was rude to me and made me feel stupid she said there is no sign of pregnancy atall And said just because ive had IVF doesnt mean its worked, im fully aware of that I probably know more about IVF than her, she didnt actually seem to know anything about IVF even asked my why i have all the bruising and why im injecting. obviously I've been getting Strong positive pregnancy tests and i still am today even the clear blues are still saying 3+. no gestation sac was visible or anything. She could see a bleed the same as they could last time so i know where the bleed is coming from, but have i miscarried i asked her and she refused to even entertain the fact i was ever pregnant. They then called my IVF clinic to tell them i wasnt pregnant, who then called me and told me not to stop medication as they say it could be too soon to see anything and they have called me in for a scan and bloods today.

My last pregnancy i had a scan at this stage and everything was visible bar the heartbeat, can every pregnancy be different in terms of development stages? Has anybody had this before and everything turned out ok? I feel so confused and unsupported by the clinic and hospital especially given my history and dont know what to think.

Thank you

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Wow what an awful clinic you went to get scanned at!!! I would complain about that.

However maybe wait until around 8 weeks. I guess every pregnancy is different. My clinic don’t routinely scan until 8 weeks but I also bled at 6 weeks and was scanned by EPAC at 6+4 which did show baby and heartbeat but I think that’s quite lucky to see that.

I just can’t get over how she spoke/acted towards you x

It was really upsetting it was asif id just made the whole pregnancy up. My original first scan is booked in for the 4th of August but with the bleed i was concerned and didnt want to wait 2.5 weeks to know what was going on. Luckily now the hospital has booked me in today for a scan and bloods, im not really expecting much from the scan but just hoping my bloods show something positive xx

I bet it was upsetting for you ☹️.

I can totally understand not wanting to wait. Hope you get some answers today though. Good luck x

I understand why you are so upset.. I wouldn't worry quite yet, these private scan places are more adept at photos etc of further along pregnancies than finding early pregnancies - I would wait a few more weeks or call your EPU again and explain the circumstances.. but if I were you I would try and wait another week. I know its torture do so but in my experience even another scan now (at six weeks) wouldnt necessarily give you there reassurance you need but by 7 weeks you should have a clearer picture

however do monitor pain and bleeding etc in the meantime just in case

Wishing you heaps of luck xx

JessJ25 in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you, i dont have any pain and the beeding lasted about 2-3 hours on monday then stopped, hopefully my bloods today will give me a little bit of an idea whats going on xx

Sorry you experienced such rudeness from the woman. I would definitely would complain, hope your scan and bloods go ok today ❤️ xx

What a shit show, I’m so sorry. As others have said, 100% complain. I fully understand your anxiety after your stillbirth, it’s the worst. Trust the clinic and fingers crossed everything by goes ok today. This lady sounds incompetent and clearly doesn’t know her stuff so try not to be too disheartened by her. x

Im really sorry you're going through this. No advice really but after reading your post i feel very angry and i would complain. You paid for their service and been treated like dust. Unacceptable.

Sounds like this sonographer needs retrained on her manner. Surely they must realise it’s a delicate matter. Not to mention private health costs. Please complain to ‘hopefully’ save anyone else having to endure this horrible experience. I had similar issues at 6 weeks & was advised they cannot detect it in scan until at least 7 weeks as hard as it is please don’t be disheartened if you don’t see much today & give it another week or two. Sending positive vibes 👍🙏🏻🤞🏼

Hi I'm so sorry... They should be positive even if there is no sac or embryo... I had a heaertbeat but after 5days in another scan it didn't showed but the lady at clinic who performed scan sent me to rest room for change and discussed my condition with my husband and doc rather than saying to me.... Then doc n hubby managed me.... It's ur responsibility to give a feedback to the clinic by calling them immediately so that no other pregnant women who go through lot of procedures to fall pregnant n who need positivity everytime they walk in for scan won't experience what you have gone through.... Hope everything goes well for ur pregnancy...

What an awful experience for you after all you’ve been through, keeping everything crossed you get some reassurance from your clinic today x

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