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How best to take progynova?


I am just looking some opinions on how to take progynova for FET. Firstly I am on 3 tablets, is it best to take these all together or split them up through the day? Secondly, is it best to take with food or on an empty stomach? And thirdly, what time of the day is it best to take them?

Or does none of this matter 😊

Thanks in advance.

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I had to take 3 a day too I was told to space them out 1 in morning 1 at lunch and 1 at bedtime always had before eating only half hour before x

Pinkpaw2 in reply to Pinkpaw2

Not the bedtime one tho x

shia001 in reply to Pinkpaw2

Hi kseye, I was taking progynova 3 times a day, my doctor did not told me with food or not as I always take them morning mid day and one before sleep and did not really care with food or without or in middle of having food 😊

Hi, I would definitely take them morning, lunch and evening. Not 100% sure about these tablets specifically, but it's usually recommended to space them out so you get an even amount of hormone throughout the day so I've been told. Best of luck xx

I always space mine out throughout the day but not rigid with timings.. as for food..never found it to make any difference xo

Thank you all for the tips. Just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing 😊

My clinic always told me how to take them I think I had to take 2 in morning and one at night ( I can’t remember exactly now) but yeah we were always sent an email with all the details included and when to take the next thing or book the scan for etc

I was told to take them 8 hours apart so one when I woke up, one early afternoon and one just before bed xx

I have to start them soon and the nurse said they might make you feel a bit sick. If you take them spaced out through the day you can feel sick all day. If you do she said it’s ok to take them together in the evening. Then you have only the night to go if you feel nauseous! Totally up to how you feel! Good luck 😘 xx

Kseye in reply to Xtina1234

Thanks for this. I actually had to rush to start them yesterday so took them all together in the afternoon. Woke this morning feeling quite nauseated. I am trying them spaced out today to see if it was because I took the whole dose together.

Xtina1234 in reply to Kseye

Good plan. Work out what is best for your body. 😘

Hi - I took mine all at once, first thing in the morning. I’m typing this while feeding my baby who’s 5 weeks old today.

Good luck, I hope it works for you 💕💕

I was told to spread mine out, but I was on a really high dose. I took them in the morning, at lunchtime and before bed. I took mine with food as they made me a little nauseous immediately after taking (though probably due to the high dose and it passed quickly). Good luck with your FET xx

My clinic to say to spread them out for best absorption.xx

I was told to take all 3 in 1 go, in the evening. They didn’t mention with food or not to me but they didn’t upset my stomach either way. Reading the other comments it seems most people are told to spread them out though! I’d check with your clinic if you’re not sure xx

Hiya, i was always told to space them out throughout the day. good luck xx

It's so strange that everyone's clinic is saying different things! I'm on progynova at the moment and taking them at 10am, 4pm and 10pm. I was told to space them out but they didn't need to be with food (though the packet instructions suggest food can help with the nausea). How are you feeling today? I hope you didn't feel as bad this morning. Good luck x

Kseye in reply to farfalle15

Yes it’s odd. I suspect they all say different because it doesn’t really matter too much. Reassuring if you forget one and need to take it later.

farfalle15 in reply to Kseye

I think you're probably right. I was a bit late taking one of the tablets, so am less worried about that now!

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