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Best thing to take and is it harmful

Hey ladies

Without being too graphic I am seriously on the brink of a breakdown.

Please someone tell me if its ok to take senokot for constipation? It's getting sooooooo bad I can't cope what docs gave doesn't work.

Had 3 day transfer yesterday x 2 1 grade 1a 8 cell and. Grade b 8 cell.

Don't want anything to possibly jeopardise our success of implantation.

Any advise would be great.


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Hey Hun have you tried Fybogel? I had terrible pains too and trouble in that department. This worked for me and is perfectly safe. X


Thank you my sweet can I get it from a chemist? Or boots or something?



Yes hun any chemist, boots, supermarket etc. Xx


Oh there's nothing worse... Drink loads of water and avoid caffeine & dairy. You could try going for a walk as they say exercise helps get things moving. I've also read that Apple juice is a mild natural laxative. I swear by the dulco-ease gel capsules but the problem with these over the counter remedies is they all take a few days to work. Hope you get some relief soon 😯 x x


Hey love

Tried the ducolease but really want immediate resolve. Thanks though next thing I will have taken overdose of laxatives....

Just don't want to strain 😟


I think they all take time to get through your system. I feel your frustration really i do I've been there myself and it's so distressing. Just think of those wee embies and hopefully it'll all be worth it 😉 x x


Hey Tamtam1, you could double check with the pharmacist at your chemist. They can usually advise on these things. I expect I would be completely paranoid too! Hope the 2ww isn't too bad for you! Take care x


Prune juice works pretty quick! Tastes terrible but it works. I second the fybogel.


Hi i was also suffering really bad from constipation I rang the clinic and the consultant advised me to take prune juice! I had 2 glasses first thing and without going into too much detail normal service has resumed! Xx


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