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Conceived naturally. irregular periods. No yolk sac in week


I have irregular periods and went for a scan in week 7 as per my lMP. I’m kind of really nervous as they said the sac is too small to see anything and there is no yolk sac. Just wondering if it is all normal ? And the doc have invited me for another scan in two weeks time. I’m not getting any pregnancy types symptoms. Just mild cramps in lower abdomen which are bearable and occurs anytime of the day.

No bleeding nothing.

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How distressing for you. When did you get your bfp. If you have irregular periods it could be that your cycles were out of whack and you are earlier than you thought - which is why they want you back in a few weeks. I’ve had this happen and mine wasn’t a good news story but when it was happening I found most people this happened to it all worked out in the end and it was just dates being wrong - crossing my fingers for you xx

I did the normal pregnancy test and came up as positive. I haven’t done any BFP. I don’t really know what’s happening. The thing is I have no symptoms like nausea or vomiting or tiredness. Don’t know what exactly it is.

Hi, this happened to me but wasn’t a good end. Fingers crossed it is just to early to see. When did do take home pregnancy test? Maybe your dates are out if you have irregular cycles x

eatbrownies in reply to J3nna

I did clear blue digital test and it came up as three weeks pregnant. And if I calculate that I should be in my week 9 but the doc said it’s week 6 and too early. I do normal pregnancy tests everyday and always gets bright two lines. Really tensed.

gcw104 in reply to eatbrownies

You will get positive tests because you are pregnant your hcg levels are high enough to read on a test. All you can do is wait hopefully in 2w there will be growth thats what you want to see. Fingers crossed your just super early x

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