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Irregular periods. No yolk sac in 6 weeks.


Pls advise. I have no symptoms like nausea or vomiting. Irregular long 38 days cycle. Is it normal not to see yolk sac ?

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Hi eatbrownies,

How far along did you think you were? It might just be that your dates are off and it’s too early to see anything yet xx

eatbrownies in reply to KiboXX

I thought that I am in week 6-7. My LMP is 26th March with 38 days cycle length.

Hi, I think it is, so early in pregnancy it's normal to not have symptoms. I didn't even thoine ended up in miscarriage. But that's another story. I read that so early in pregnancy most women don't show any sign of symptoms whatsoever so perhaps it is normal. I am not sure tho when the yolk sac forms, I am not a dr

I does say your approx 6w but in my experience if there’s no yolk sac it could be ectopic, or just really small they didn’t see it because your earlier than you think. It’s hard to know what did the dr say? Are you returning for another scan or blood work?

eatbrownies in reply to gcw104

I’ll be going for another scan in two weeks.

gcw104 in reply to eatbrownies

I’ve just saw on your other post

Fingers crossed its just too early to see the yolk sac! Good luck.xx

Thank you. I hope so. Was reading and it said yolk sac appears in 6 weeks. The only thing that worry me is that I don’t have any symptoms.

Well if you have irregular cycles then it may have implanted later than you thought. Not everyone gets symptoms in the early stages. Did the clinic do any bloods for you? Are you having a repeat scan?xx

My lmp date is 26th March with 38 days cycle. They have called me in two weeks for a scan and the blood tests have not been taken. I am just worried about the yolk sac. As in, in which week does it develop? I have a dessidual reaction in my gestational sac.

Do you normally have longer cycles than a 38 day one? Im hoping you have just ovulated later than you thought however only time will tell Im afraid. Hugs, such a stressful and upsetting situation to be in.xx

Hi I'm sure they say it's not viable around 5.5 to 6 weeks. So maybe your implantation was later than you expected. Fingers crossed you should be able to see it in your next scan and everything is fine. Alot of women have no symptoms when they are pregnant or have symptoms very similar symptoms to af. I know its worrying but if you can pay for a private scan for next week you might get that reassurance xx

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