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Hi Everyone.

I wish i had the positive attitude of some of the girls here. Would love to let it go sometime and not think of infertility for a day.

I think im slowly getting there though now after the loss and am getting my strenght back to fight.

Still wonder what i can do though. I have asked this before but since the waiting game is on can you please please share with me what supplements you are on? Any positive stories? Any holistic approaches fertility massages?

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Hi, There seems to be a lot of stuff on Vitamin D3 at the mo. Xx

Mimisami in reply to Coles2020

I agree on this one. Luckily its always part of a prenatal supplement so even if women dont know they are deficient they will get some. I have been vitamin d deficient for few years since moving to uk from europe and am taking it as part if my multivitamin and some additional supplements as my consultant said it was low but didnt really recommend a strength. Just to rake a supplement x

I have taken everything over the last two cycles and nothing seems to help.

Ive taken... (all in high doses)

Vitamin D, e, c






Omega 3 high strength dha/epa


High strength ubiquinol

Was also taking melatonin and dhea but stopped as I don't have DOR.

First cycle taking nothing.. 3 to freeze

Second and third cycles taking everything... None to freeze

Literally given up xx

Mimisami in reply to Jessy1280

Im sorry Jessy. I hope my question didnt make you feel bad. Thank u for dharing i will do some researcginon some of these as they new to mr. We didnt have a very healthy lifestyle and DH still doesnt take supplements. He was borderline and we still did icsi. I have no idea what my egg reserve is but nurse said it was fine. I didnt had many eggs so purchased coq10 but it doesn’t have ubiquinol it says ubiquinon (not sure if it is of any help). Am on

vit d/iron/magnesium supplement


Omega 3 but not high strength

X x i know what u mean with given up. After the cp i kind of did but we need to pick our self up soon x

Jessy1280 in reply to Mimisami

I wasn't trying to bring you down. Just an honest account of what I've tried. Supposed to be good for those with DOR though. Like you my OH won't take supplements despite is having male factor infertility only x

Mimisami in reply to Jessy1280

U havent dear Jessy❤️

Hartley1 in reply to Jessy1280

Some men are so stubborn. It took ages to convince mine. We had friends in the same boat I made the male friend talk to him and share what they were doing. Also i involved hubby a lot more with injections after he saw what lengths I had to go for I casually dropped in minus emotions this process is so easy for you...youve just got to w#$k in a cup 😂. I've got to inject, shove suppositories up my arse, and take all the meds..please could you just try taking pregnacare and 2 ubiquinol (200mg). He finally did. Good luck

Afrohair in reply to Hartley1

Can’t you put them in his morning drink .just a suggestion 🤣

Hartley1 in reply to Afrohair


Mimisami in reply to Afrohair

😂😂😂😂😂he isnt that healthy

So every time I have a follow up appointment with my consultant he dismisses all supplements and just tells me to take a good pregnancy vitamin with folic acid such as pregnacare! However I am determined to take things into my own hands!

The round I had my best results I was taking royal jelly for a month before... that may have just been a coincidence!

Building up to my next round I have decided to throw everything at it so am taking:

Pregnacare conception

Royal Jelly




Lets see if it makes ANY difference! xx

Mimisami in reply to Daisy1245

Hi Daisy. Ive seen so much about royal jelly. Thought it couldn’t hurt and is in my shopping cart. Yes lets throw everything at it now we have the time (unfortunately) anyway ❤️❤️❤️

Can I ask, how does royal jelly help? I havent heard of that one before, I am on most other things, thanks lovely xxx

I honestly don’t know - I’m so sorry!

My sister recommended it as it impacted her egg quality and the round I took it we made it to blasto and got our (doomed) bfp ... and all other rounds we haven’t even made it past day 3! xx

Sounds good to me!! Thank you xxx

Mimisami in reply to Daisy1245

Daisy love is there a dose you recommend i see 750 and 500 on amazon. U know trowing everything at it xx

gcw104 in reply to Daisy1245

Royal jelly is suppose to help make cervical mucus to make a sperm friendly environment when ovulating.

Acupuncture I think is a must...if anything it relaxes you...just make sure they're registered with uk acupuncture council I initially had an overcharging butcher not on the council. They'll let you know before ET and after ET there is a special treatment...and leading up to egg retrieval good to relax. Read a book by Rebecca Fett it starts with the egg it really helped me. Vit d 5000iu plus vits a c e selenium ubiquinol 200mg twice a day pregnacare is what I took...it talks about myo-inositol, alpha lipoic acid, dhea, melatonin...but i didn't take it.

After egg collection stopped vits ace +selenium, after wk 8 stopped 5000iu vit d and ubiquinol just taking 200mg in the morning as they say ubiquinol can help prevent miscarriage plus pregnacare.

Hope this helps xx

Mimisami in reply to Hartley1

Thank you darling for the information. Acupuncture is mentioned by so many girls here i think we should consider after everything goes back to normal. Xxxxx

Hey there I swear by taking really good quality coenzyme in the 3 months leading up to egg collection, I took the following which is expensive but well it seemed to make a difference for me and one of my friends too :)


Worth just checking in with your clinic before taking though, I made sure to check in with mine beforehand.


Mimisami in reply to Newton2018

Hi Newton thank you love. Yes i ve heard this indeed. I have purchased coQ10 but later saw that it had ubiquinone in stead of ubiquinol so will change that after i finish it. Its 600mg though. Xx

My plan: take vitamins, get 8 hours sleep, continue my weight loss journey and practice relaxation techniques.

Sounds like a good plan !! Ive heard good things about green tea for weight loss x

I love all these different teas like green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea etc. If green tea helps for weight loss I might have it x


I would suggest trying the following:


Mysofacial release therapy to help with the pain

Meditation to calm the mind and release positive chemicals for your body

Eat 2 portions of wild oily fish a week

Get a masticating juicer and start vegetable juicing on kale, broccoli, celery and pear


Folic acid

Pregnacare is a good all rounded supplement prior to conception

I have done all of this and it has helped as I am now half way through my pregnancy thank God.

Hope this helps xx

Mimisami in reply to CherryPie1

Thank you Cherrypie! Im so happy to read your happy ending ❤️ gives us so much hope. Thank you for the advice. God bless you ❤️

CherryPie1 in reply to Mimisami

I would also suggest reading wendy laidlaws book: how to heal endometriosis naturally - sometimes pumping chemicals/medicines in our bodies isnt always right for our bodies. Our bodies are stronger than we think and can heal naturally I believe for example when we cut ourselves we develop scabs and heal. I'd reccomend watching a documentary on netflix called Heal - it will blow your mind on what the body is actually able to do.

I also do alot of self development- tony robbins and others alike are great mentors to clear the brain fog and release any negativity and upset within us so we produce chemicals in the body which internally will help us feel better and get better I believe that and I believe others can do the same. Xx

Mimisami in reply to CherryPie1

Thank you so much for so much information. I will definitely watch your recommendations. I wish i knew what was wrong with me so i could work on it. I know a lady she healed her pcos with the keto diet. I mean if she say she is healed then im sure ut can help others too. Thank for the reminder that our body is stronger than we think xx

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