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if anybody would give me advice or information please

I am 39 years old I really love to have a child, I have loving partner

just today found out that I got some blood and eggs problem that its too low and borough which I live in in London wont pay for my treatment of ivf , which made me very upset

and treatment costs 5000 pounds which I cant afford it

and precent of me getting pregnant naturally is 20-25 % that's why the borough I live in wont pay

I don't know if I can apply for NHS IVF

is that possible?

anybody would give me any support , advice or any information please

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Hello there I'm sorry to hear you have been turned down for fertility treatment owing to where you live. Unfortunately the policies surrounding IVF can differ borough to borough, county to county etc. From what you have said its sounds like you have already been turned down for IVf on the NHS? You can appeal it but it may only cause you further upset as very few win the appeals im led to believe. There are private clinics that offer credit etc (not advising debt) but it's something to think about if you have no other option.

I would of done anything. It's so unfair the whole fertility process. Good luck, I hope things work our for you :-)


Sorry to read your post. You can find out more information about how NHS funding for IVF works on our website - infertilitynetworkuk.com/nh...

Including template letters on how to apply for funding and if you are refused a template letter to appeal. Unfortunately it comes down to your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs)as to what fertility treatment is funded in your area and accompanying eligibility criteria. Please have a look at our website and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01424 732361.


I am sorry to know yr situation. Wish you all the best. In this forum you can find out that some girls have choosen ivf abroad as a cheaper option. Read threads and you will find discussions on ivf in Czech, Poland, Greece, Spain and other countries. If have any questions, ask -everybody is very supportive.


Sorry, I had the same problem. My partner has a Doughter from previous partner and the NHS didn't give us the IVF.

I have done privately and I borough money from the bank.

Second attempt and it will be the last for me! really unfair!

Good luck

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oh really?

do you think that my partner has 2 kids from previous marriage might be a problem?

I spoke with lady called Diane very nice nurse from this website from helpline

she asked about my partner having a kids and mention that might be a problem too

but not understand why and how?

yes we both want a family but its for me first ever baby!

what was your medical problem if I might ask?

too low ovarian reserve

doctor says in the fertility clinic that from 3 tests only 1 is below the limit

but Diane says its worth trying to appeal against the decision

on Tuesday 1 of December I go to my GP show the tests and ask if there is any other method because they only offer me IVF I thought that might be a medical problem because I don't smoke don't drink have sex with my partner , both really want a baby after 2 years nothing

consider he had 2 kids before but I didn't expect that they refuse me even 1 go

even in the area I live in London that borough showing that women should be entitled to 3 rounds

where you live please if I may ask?

how old are you?

5000 pounds its a lot of money , I don't want put myself in debt

I don't have 100% gurantee that it will happen

but well after IVF I don't have guarantee either , but at least its financial cost

thank you for writing


Have you considered treatment abroad??? Own egg IVF can be much cheaper in Europe? I had DE IVF abroad for one of those reasons... would have been £9K in UK and was 'just' £4K in CZ.

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at the moment I consider go to my GP and collect all tests result and seeking for someone who would help me to appeal against the decision

I believe its not a medical problem I have

but my partner has 2 kids from other marriage even he not see them often because they live with their mother in different country

I just read today at 5 am something in newspaper about couple who fight with medical lawyer and won because the guy has 1 child from other relationship and they been told not consider as a childless couple

I will update with what I found out

I just want to know is it any chance to win , if the lawyer confirm there is

I will fight and use any trick in the book till the end


Hi, there I'm sorry to learn you have been turned down for fruitfulness treatment inferable from where you live. Shockingly, the approaches encompassing IVF can vary ward to the precinct, province to the region and so forth. Want you to enjoy all that life has to offer. In this gathering, you can discover that a few young ladies have picked. IVF abroad as a less expensive alternative. Read strings and you will discover dialogues on ivf.


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