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Trigger shot with 14, 15, 16 mm follicles


Hi all, I have my trigger shot tonight and ER on Monday morning. At my last scan today I was showing around 20 follicles ranging from 10-19mm. Most were like 17, 18 and 18 but then some were around 14, 15 and 16. My question is can a mature egg be found in ten14-16mm sizes? As I am not taking anymore stimulation drugs, can they still grow more between now and Monday?

Any responses welcome x

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I’m not a medical expert but when I stopped meds mine continued to grow, so wish you all the best xx

Thank you so much Leesara. I am glad to hear of your experience xx

Good luck for tomorrow- do let me know how you got on and hopefully they have grown a couple of mm’s for you! X

Thank you. I am a bit nervous now as my clinic has started cancelling treatments and potentially also transfers. We are a fresh transfer but I think it might be a freeze all for me so I need to wait what they say tomorrow at the hospital. A lot of people got calls today to say there treatment was cancelled xxx

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you but the right decision will be made in the end xx

Yes, especially the 15 & 16 ones I was told by my doctor. I think they have less chance, but still a fair chance. Good luck with your EC!! xx

Thank you I am more confident now! I am hoping for the best x

Most definitely. I had 23 follicles plus a few others too small to count. Probably nearer 30. Predicted to get 13-16 and I actually got a staggering 19. Even my smallest at my last scan were 13mm were up to size by EC yesterday. If you look back on my recent earlier post you'll see the pic of my follicles at my final scan. Looks like I got the ones ranging from 20-13mm mature in time. Good luck! X

Thank you for your response I really appreciate that! Glad to see you got good eggs. I hope they all fertilised for you. I wish you every success on your journey x

Sadly only 9 of 19 have fertilised but this is very typical of my cycles. Good luck! X

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