Trigger shot & egg retrieval! 😬

Hey ladies so I whent for my day 12 scan today left ovary= 12.5,18, 18, 16.5, 18... right ovary= 18, 18, 18, 20, 20. Sooo happy with them follicles seen as my first cycle was rubbish and we had to cancel it 😊

Waiting for a phone call this evening for trigger shot time and then egg retrieval is set for Friday! So nervous 😬 But beeing positive!

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  • That all sounds very positive, lots of nicely sized follicles! Good luck for Friday!xx

  • Thank you hunn 😊 I'm hoping they collect enough we're doing icsi due to hubbys low sperm count so hoping they fertilise well! Xx

  • Positive thoughts! Its a nerve racking time, everyday brings a new worry! We've had ICSI too due to the same problem. Im just waiting to start a fresh cycle on the 13th! Keep us posted!xx

  • It is indeed! Will this be your second cycle then chick? and I shall do 😊.. will let you no how everything goes on Friday xx

  • This is my 3rd cycle, however you cant really count my first one as a was a disaster from start to finish really!xx

  • Oh no sorry to hear that! That's exactly how my first one whent hunn! It's draining isn't it all the waiting around and then to get rubbish results .. hoping this turn turns out to be your successful one hunn πŸ˜ŠπŸ€ xx

  • Yes totally! Feels like such a waste of time & energy!! However, onwards & upwards for us both!!☘xx

  • Brill measurements! Good luck for lots of lovely eggs πŸ˜ƒ xx

  • Thank you 😊😁 I'm hoping so!! Xx

  • That sounds really positive. Good luck for EC on Friday. X

  • Thanks hunn 😊 Will post a update! Xx

  • Great result! Take care xx

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